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SUNDAY/JUNE 09, 2024
Welcome drink.
PRE.SHOW access.
Tables within Area B.
Seated dinner and wine package.
AFTER PARTY access with DJ including two hours of complimentary drinks.

MONDAY/JUNE 10, 2024

THE COLLECTIVE VISION show access. Seats within Area B.
Coffee break.
Light lunch.

Past, present, and future collide to form here and now. Our perception is that time is dynamic and fluid, yet there are moments of reflection and clarity. We cannot predict the future, we can only invent it by embracing change, growing, and celebrating together! The past, present, and future are connected by a continuous chain of events. Our reflection and perception of ourselves is the first place we can start to create and change our mindset. REFLECTIVE PERSPECTIVE collapses the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

Kevin and his Global Artistic Team take you on a journey to explore where the past, present, and future of hair collide. Within this concept, we explore our heritage combined with the dynamics through which hair fashion is created and comes to exist in the real world. A carefully curated team of industry influencers and experts unpack this concept equipping you with all the tools to invent your own future. Join us for an immersive, sensorial experience to discover our heritage, and where the future can take you with KEVIN.MURPHY.

Sun 06/09/24
6:00 PM CET
Mon 06/10/24
3:00 PM CET

  • Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre
  • Budapest, Albertirsai út 10, 1101 Hungary
  • Budapest, HU 1106
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