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Dermalogica - ProSkin Treatments


Pro Skin Treatment builds upon the foundational knowledge of Pro Skin Fundamentals. This skill-focused workshop is dedicated to elevating your expertise in skin treatments without the traditional methods of steaming and creaming. Learn the fundamental building blocks for delivering and sustaining healthy skin. Explore the ProSkin 60 treatment, mastering the correct selection and utilization of Dermalogica products. This knowledge empowers you to deliver an authentic Dermalogica experience that leaves a lasting impression on your clients.
Benefit from personalized guidance in a welcoming and secure environment, where instructor-guided hands-on training and professional feedback become invaluable tools in mastering a bespoke Dermalogica skin treatment.

What you will learn:
Client Consultation: In recognizing the uniqueness of every skin, it becomes our responsibility to delve into the client's story, understanding their individual needs and skin concerns. The client consultation, coupled with the client authorization form, provides professionals with the opportunity to gain valuable insights. This aids in creating personalized, safe, and effective skin treatment plans.
Pro Service Modules: Delve into the essential "building blocks" of each Dermalogica pro service, discovering how to customize these modules based on your client's specific needs.
Bespoke Skin Treatment: Craft a personalized professional skin treatment from inception to completion with expert guidance from a Dermalogica Instructor.

Quick Facts:
Exclusive to licensed professionals.
Duration: 3 hours in person.
Earns one skills training credit toward Dermalogica Expert Certification

Tools Needed: Pen and Paper

Tue 10/08/24
10:00 AM PT to 1:00 PM PT

  • Auburn Store SSPRO
  • 49 37th St NW
  • Auburn, WA 98001
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Tue 10/08/24
10:00 AM PT to 1:00 PM PT

  • Beaverton
  • 9242 SW Beaverton Hillsdale HWY
  • Beaverton, OR 97005
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