Sept Trending Guide



  • Alfaparf - Easy Solutions to Common Problems

    No matter the scenario… too dark, too light, too warm, or too cool, come prepared to explore and discover solutions stylist can utilize when facing color correction concerns. Identifying the problem and finding the proper solution utilizing Alfaparf Milano’s repertoire of color will help stylists gain a higher level of professional expertise.

  • Alfaparf Milano - Italian Balayage On Natural Texture

    At Alfaparf Milano, we believe that every stylist should have the information they need to feel confident working on any canvas to call themselves a master. Join us for out live Italian Balayage on Natural Texture class where you will learn how create a beautiful balayage end-result with the proper adjusments to fit the demands and needs of natural texture.

  • Davines - VIRTUAL COLOR DEMO: Century of Light & The VIEW

    For Davines salons to advance their skills through hair painting and foiling techniques supported by unique toning options. This interactive demonstration workshop provides inspiration and confidence for stylists. Davines VIEW is an acidic demi-permanent color line from Davines. In this 2 hour virtual course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started in the salon with this user friendly, gorgeous, conditioning hair color!

  • Keune - Trend Alert

    Some trends take years to change and some change with the season. Influenced by fashion, society and region. Find out what’s trending in your area and how you can influence and promote the trends in your salon. Just like trends, this class will change based on when it’s booked and the educator it’s booked with!

    Look forward to learning:
    What influences trends
    How to recognize trends in the industry
    Influencing your guests to try new things
    New trend techniques
    Trending colors and formula


    We are looking forward to delivering the COLOR.ME START class to your team. This introductory class offers a fundamental overview of COLOR.ME range and how it works.
    Class topics include philosophy, hair diagnosis, the COLOR.ME point of difference, the complete product portfolio, colour selection, colour correction, colour removal and practical troubleshooting.

    Welcome to the world of COLOR.ME!


    Driven by PERFORMANCE our newest range in the COLOR.ME line-up COLOR.ME GLOSS is uniquely designed as a colour and treatment in one. This luminous, liquid demi-permanent colour goes beyond shine to reconstruct and deeply moisturize the hair for incredible strength that increases every time you colour. Born from FASHION the selection of shade options and a variety of application techniques allow for a completely customizable hair experience. Gain an understanding of how to incorporate COLOR.ME GLOSS into the whole COLOR.ME portfolio as multifaceted products that work in synergy.

    OUTCOMES: Topics include product benefits, overview, technology, mixing, formulation and explore service offerings to drive business. Colourists can also incorporate hands-on to experience the line firsthand and experience “colour with strength and shine”. Build a solid foundation of the line and learn how to achieve the perfect personalized colour result for your clients that will have them returning again and again.

  • LEAF & FLOWER - Balayage Class

    In this class, you'll experience a live demo of freehand painting techniques designed to take your balayage game to the next level. Learn time saving tips on placement and focus on how to upgrade your service menu by effortlessly customizing each service you provide!