Why Salon Interactive?
In this age, there is an overabundance of retail options available to us and our customers. It can seem like selling retail (among all the other things we have to do!) is getting more difficult every day. To maintain and grow our businesses, all of us need to keep up with technology. We need to compete. Salon Interactive instantly creates your own online retail store. You can start shopping in minutes!
We know what you're thinking
How do I compete? Who has time? Where would I even start? We can help.
Why Salon Services Software?
Salon Services Software is the answer to today’s retail question. It’s a comprehensive package of digital salon management tools. In fact, it’s the only complete salon software system.

Imagine simply plugging your Facebook page or website into your salon inventory, creating an instant online store for your client base to shop. Your shop will automatically help you monitor inventory, alerting you when products are low.

Not only will you have your own branded ecommerce store, but your clients will be able to make and manage their appointments through your website or Facebook page. You can communicate with them through emails or texts. All of this is available on your mobile device, letting you run your salon wherever you are.

It’s our job to help your salon flourish. We offer Salon Services Software because we believe in the power it has to help you advance in today’s competitive retail market.
Beyond digital services,
we can offer what corporate online retailers can't
Support, education, showrooms across the western US, decades of industry expertise, and above all, a partnership
request a demo or start your trial to see how our software can help your salon business grow
Learn more and sign up for your custom branded online retail store.

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