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Curl Cult Certification

Curl Cult

Here’s what to expect, you’ll have a 30 minute presentation walking you through:
Science Behind Curl Cult® – how the Curl Cult® system works to create new texture in the hair and how the it is different from other texture services you’ve seen before
Product Breakdown – we take you through each product and where it fits in our system
Application Instructions – A detailed breakdown of every step in the process
The Cali Set – a demo of our signature set so you can get rolling right away!

Once you’ve completed the video, you will take a super quick and easy quiz and then you are officially Curl Cult® certified! It’s REALLY that easy!

Tools Needed: Pen & Paper.

Wed 11/08/23
12:00 AM PT
Tue 12/31/24
12:00 AM PT