• Concept Program

    This course will include a full application demonstration and stylist interaction, as well as the removal and reapplication process for Hotheads Hair Extensions. Stylists will learn product knowledge, product usage, marketing, consultation, pre-application, applications, cutting, maintenance, removal, and re-application techniques.

  • Hotheads Pro

    Give yourself an increase in revenue with a clip and a comb! This hands-on course teaches you to apply a full head of extensions using Hotheads Originals, Ultimates & Micro Strands, while mastering proper removal, reapplication and blending.

    Ticket price includes Hotheads Pro Kit for use during class. Contents include: Synthetic practice hair, Hotheads tape tabs, small styling rattail brush, remove solvent, removal and reapplication tablet, salon cape and print collateral. 

  • Sew-In Weft

    While the Hotheads Sew In Techniques are fast and simple to learn, the method is technically advanced and requires stylists to learn completely new skills. You will learn product knowledge, color matching, pricing, consultation, application, cutting, blending, removal, re-application techniques and maintenance and daily at home care for your clients. You will complete a full doll head using both Hand Tied hair and Machine Weft Synthetic hair.

    Ticket price includes Hot Heads Weft Kit for use during and after the class.

    Contents include:
    Tool Pouch
    Bead Looper
    Weft Plier
    Curved C Needles
    Curved Sewing Scissors
    Finger Pick
    Velcro Grippers
    Dark Brown 5mm Silicone Beads
    Light Brown 5mm Silicone Beads
    Blonde 5mm Silicone Beads
    Black Nylon Thread
    Dark Brown Nylon Thread
    Ash Blonde Nylon Thread
    Alligator Clips
    Single Prong Duck Bills
    Medical Marker
    Tool Case
    Hand Tied Synthetic Practice hair & Machine Weft Synthetic Practice hair