HP Firma Bright


Brazilian Blowout

  • Brazilian Blowout Certification

    Keep Curl & Eliminate Frizz! Learn just how easy it is to customize Brazilian Blowout to define natural texture and remove frizz in this exciting live demonstration! Brazilian Blowout master certified educators will share advanced techniques and tips for bringing out the best in curls, ringlets, spirals and waves with Brazilian Blowout and how to effectively market this customizable service to a whole new clientele who never knew that Brazilian Blowout is in fact, a curl's best friend!
    ***Please bring the class handout with you. Click here to download the class handout.***

  • Brazilian Blowout Express

    4 weeks of Frizz Free Hair in Less than 60 Minutes! Tap into $7500 in new service dollars + repeat clients every day with BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT EXPRESS.