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Everything You Need to Know About Cali-Curl


The next big thing in the hair world is here, and it's Cali-Curl. This innovative texture service is already changing the game. How can you become one of the first stylists to offer Cali-Curl? Keep reading - here is everything you need to know about Cali-Curl.

What is Cali-Curl, and why should salon owners care about it?

You need Cali-Curl in your salon. Why? It was created to deliver long-lasting, low maintenance, natural waves, and endless styling possibilities, all without the downsides of added heat. Cali-Curl is an excellent option for clients who want to achieve beautiful curls without sacrificing the health of their hair. It's also a real win-win for stylists and salon owners, as it's easy to learn and time effective, both for you and your clients.

Not only that, but Cali-Curl is perfect for new and existing clients alike, making it great for generating more business in your salon! So, if you're looking for an innovative hair curling solution that will keep your clients happy and coming back for more stunning hair, look no further than Cali-Curl.

What makes Cali-Curl unique compared to other curling services?
Mostly Water, Baby
We'll be completely honest, Cali-Curl isn't the traditional perm that most people think of (and that's probably a good thing). By properly prepping and sectioning hair into the Beach Wave Rings, stylists will be able to create a natural-looking curl with only water and the Beach Wave System (which comes with a bond generator, an activator, a neutralizer, and a bond extender).

Faster Than the Rest
With a start to finish time of 75 minutes or less, Cali-Curl is faster than all the traditional texture services, making your life and your client's life much more manageable.

All Products Are:
Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Phosphate Free, Phthalate Free, Sulfate Free, and Formaldehyde Free.

What products will you need to run this service?
Cali-Curl Beach Wave Rings

The Cali-Curl Beach Wave Rings come in four sizes:
1. Small (best for short or layered hair) 
2. Medium+ (best for longer/thicker hair to achieve a classic wave pattern)
3. Medium (best for achieving the classic wave)
4. Large (best for achieving a looser, volumizing wave on long hair)

Foam Diffuser Rings

The Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Rings are specifically designed to use with the Cali-Curl Beach Wave Rings to hold the hair in place and yield perfectly shaped ends. They come in (almost) the same sizes as the Beach Wave Rings: small, medium+/medium, and large. Make sure you don't forget about these!

Hydrating Shampoo

The Cali-Curl Hydrating Shampoo reduces frizz without weighing down curls while being suitable for all hair types, especially processed and textured hair.

Protein Infused Conditioner

Complimenting the Cali-Curl Hydrating Shampoo with the Protein Infused Conditioner will restore the hair's strength and elasticity on all hair types. This conditioner will not only extend the life of your client's Cali-Curl Beach Wave, but it will keep hair strands soft, conditioned, shining, and strong.

Cali-Curl Beach Wave System

The Cali-Curl Professional Beach Wave System is a single-use kit designed to be used alongside the Cali-Curl Rings and Foam Diffuser Rings and includes:
1 Cali-Curl Beach Wave Activator 4 oz.
1 Cali-Curl Beach Wave Neutralizer 4 oz.
2 Cali-Curl Bond Generator 0.5 oz.
1 Cali-Curl Bond Extender 1.69 oz.

The Get Started Intro

3 Beach Wave Systems
1 Beach Wave Rings - Small 6 pc.
1 Beach Wave Rings - Medium 6 pc.
1 Beach Wave Rings - Medium+ 6 pc.
1 Beach Wave Rings - Large 6 pc.
1 Foam Diffuser Rings - Small 12 pc.
1 Foam Diffuser Rings - Medium/Medium+ 12 pc.
1 Foam Diffuser Rings - Large 12 pc.
1 Cleansing Shampoo Liter
1 Hydrating Shampoo 10 oz.
1 Protein Infused Conditioner 10 oz.
1 Bond Therapy Mist 8 oz.
1 Bond Therapy Masque 6 oz.
1 Anti-Flyaway Serum 8 oz.

How does the Cali-Curl system work?

The key to Cali-Curl's success is in the prep and products used. We also highly recommend watching the linked videos for an in-depth look at how to perform a Cali-Curl Service!

And here is the full instruction manual with pictures and in-depth instructions.

Prepping the Hair and Placing the Rings

Properly prepping and sectioning the hair is the first step to having incredible waves with Cali-Curl. Remember that even sections mean even application, and section placement affects the wave pattern.

Prep: Shampoo our client's hair with the Cali-Curl Cleansing Shampoo or the Cali-Curl Hydrating Shampoo.

1. Section, twist hair, and position the Cali-Curl rings.

Process and Check

During this stage, remember that it is essential to thoroughly saturate the hair in the rings and use the entirety of the processing solution, no matter the length of your client's hair.

2. Combine the Cali-Curl Therapy Generator (1st 15ml Foil Packet) into the Beach Wave Activator. Shake Well (20+ seconds), and then apply.

3. Process the Beach Wave by checking the Cali-Curl Test Curl periodically, as shown in the Processing Time Guide, shown below.

4. While processing, Perform the Cali-Curl Two Step Test Curl verification.

Rinse and Neutralize

Once Cali-Curl processing is complete, it is vital to stop the hair processing in a timely manner.

5. Rinse thoroughly and towel blot.

6. Combine the Bond Generator (2nd 15ml foil packet) in the Neutralizer Bottle, shake it well (20+ seconds) and apply to process for 6 minutes.

Wave and Protect

Pro Tip: During this segment, be sure to avoid running your fingers through your client's hair and instead allow the water to separate the waves instead. 

7. Open and release Cali-Curl Rings and rinse gently.

8. Apply the Cali-Curl Bond Extender and process for 10 minutes.

Style and Support

While styling for the final reveal, make sure to show your client the scrunching technique to use at home for lasting, healthy, and beautiful waves.

9. Shampoo with Cali-Curl Hydrating Shampoo and condition with the Cali-Curl Protein Infused Conditioner.

10. Scrunch and Style or let air-dry.

For more information on how to perform a successful Cali-Curl service, visit their education page, here.

Oh, and if you have any other nitty-gritty questions about the Cali-Curl, they have a fantastic FAQ page, which you can find here.

Want to know some Cali-Curl Pro Tips?

1. Master the foundation of the Cali-Curl Service, the Classic Cali-Curl first. Then the sky is the limit with Customization!

It's recommended that your first few Cali-Curl Services be Classic Cali-Curls using 6 Medium or Medium+ Rings with each section having even density. 
Additionally, start your journey on a mannequin, then move to a client (or better yet, a family member!) with low porosity hair before doing Cali-Curl on a client with higher porosity hair.

2. Beach Wave results based on section size: Larger sections result in more right to left kick, while smaller sections will result in less right to left kick!

However, do not overstuff! Leave room for the hair to swell in the ring, otherwise, you will end up with lines of demarcation and poor rinsing.

3. The location of the placement of the rings on the head will determine where the wave starts.

If you place the rings close to the scalp, the wave will start closer to the root. 

If the rings hand off the head low, then the wave will start at that point, and the hair above will be straight.

Note: For a consistent wave pattern, place each ring in a similar position off the scalp utilizing the customer's head shape to determine placement.

4. If the client's ends have some damage pre-service, and you feel comfortable proceeding with a Cali-Curl, then start with a trim and help protect the ends by doing a Pre-Wrap of the ends with the Bond Extender or Bond Therapy Masque

After sectioning the hair but before twisting, take a small amount of the Cali-Curl Bond Extender OR the Bond Therapy Masque and work it through the ends of the hair in each section. Twist the hair and process as normal.

5. The type of comb used during specific steps is important

Start of Service = Fine Tooth Comb

While prepping the hair to begin sectioning at the start of the service, you want to use a fine-tooth comb to make sure the hair is laying in the same direction and that there are no tangles. Start the comb at the roots and carry it all the way through the ends of the hair.

End of Service = Very Wide Tooth Comb

Toward the end of Step 8, when the processing time for the Bond Extender is almost complete, use a wide tooth comb to comb through the hair from the root to the ends to smooth out the hair using the Bond Extender to help detangle. The Bond Extender should allow the comb to glide through the hair nearly effortlessly. From this step forward, only use a very wide tooth comb to comb through a client's hair!

6. Water temperature is critical! Follow the temperatures outlined in the Cali-Curl Instructions

Step 5 - Flash rinse and then fully rinse the Activator out with warm water on low pressure.

Step 7 - Remove the Cali-Curl Rings and gently rinse out the Neutralizer with cool water. Do not use warm water to rinse.

Step 8 - After a minimum of 10 minutes, rinse out the Bond Extender with cool side of tepid water on low pressure.

Step 9 - Rinse out both Shampoo and Conditioner using cool side or tepid water on low pressure.

7. After the flash rinse of 5 - 10 seconds in Step 5, it is very important to spend at least 1 minute rinsing each ring

Before applying the Neutralizer, you need to make sure the Activator has been fully rinsed off. The longer rinsing time is particularly important for larger, thicker sections to ensure the water has penetrated fully.

This extra effort also ensures minimal smell on the hair when the client goes home. Do not short the rinse times.

8. 10 minutes is the MINIMUM time that you should leave the Bond Extender on during Step 8

For porous or thinner cuticle hair, you may want to leave the Bond Extender on for 15 to 20 minutes. If the hair was over-processed or had some some damage, to begin with, leave on for 20 minutes or more. If you have a major over-processing problem, leave the bond extender on for up to 24 hours, and rinse out with cold water to help settle the cuticle layer.

9. The wave pattern will continue to increase over the first few days

As the cuticle lays down over time and completes the oxidation process, the wave pattern will increase, and the client could notice more kick and definition.

10. Wait two weeks after any chemical process before you do a Cali-Curl

Waiting two weeks will allow the cuticle to lay down and make the hair ready to do a Cali-Curl. 

Note: After a Cali-Curl you should also wait two weeks before doing another chemical service.

Client Consultations for Cali-Curl

1. Am I: 1. Comfortable with my client's current hair health and 2. Am I comfortable with my experience with Cali-Curl?

Yes & Yes - YES, it's in great shape, and YES, I've done several with great results. Remember that every client is different, proceed with caution, don't skip steps, and rely on your experience with processing times and porosity.

Yes & No - YES, it's in great shape, and NO, this is my first time. Take your time, follow every step exactly, err on the side of caution and check the processing early and often, if in doubt, it is better to under process.

No & Yes - NO, there is some damage, and YES, I've done several with great results. Proceed with caution, trim off damaged hair, start with the best canvas you can, err on the side of caution, and be prepared for fast processing times.

No & No - NO, there is some damage, and NO, this is my first time. It's better to play it safe and retain a client's trust than to push the limits. Practice on a mannequin, then start with less porous hair for your first couple of services.

2. Is my client highly lifted blonde?

Yes - PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Begin by shampooing with our Cali-Curl Hydrating Shampoo before the start of service. Highly lifted hair typically indicated a likelihood of high porosity, which equals faster processing times. Process for 2 minutes, check each additional minute until complete. Very porous hair, such as double-processed blondes, extensions, or previously damaged hair can process in 1 - 2 minutes or less and should not be attempted unless you are confident with the Cali-Curl service. Remember, every client is different. When done properly on healthy hair that is highly lifted, Cali-Curl can yield incredible results.

No - Begin by shampooing with our Cali-Curl Hydrating Shampoo or the Cali-Curl Cleansing Shampoo, depending on hair porosity, typically start checking at 4 minutes but remember every client's hair is different and refer to other questions to help navigate processing times.

NOTE: Hair types that are very fine with a thinner cuticle layer can react similar to porous hair, meaning faster processing times. Proceed with caution.

3. Is your client's hair compromised? i.e. does it need a trim or is it very unhealthy?

Never be afraid to trim or cut off hair that has previous chemical damage, in fact it's a Pro Tip we listed, and we highly recommend it.

The service cannot counteract previous damage, it was designed to help fight against damage that could occur during the service only when proper processing times are utilized.

4. When using a curling iron, how long does the curl last?

An Hour or Less - This indicates resistant or highly resistant hair, which typically equals longer processing times.

All Day Long or Multiple Days - This indicates porous hair which typically equals fast processing time. Highly porous or damaged hair may process too quickly to react to and should be avoided unless you are highly experienced with the Cali-Curl service.

5. When was your last chemical service? Examples: Keratin, Color, Highlights, etc...

Within the last two weeks - Wait a minimum of two weeks before doing the Cali-Curl Service

NOTE: We also recommend after a Cali-Curl Service to wait an additional two weeks before another chemical service.

6. Have you ever had chemically relaxed hair? Example: With Lye or Non-Lye Relaxer

IF YES - Then do NOT Cali-Curl (it's the same rules as perms/texturizing of the past).

7. Other Variables to Consider: Are you a swimmer or in chlorine a lot? And/Or do you have hard water?

Evaluate with the questions above on whether to use the cleansing shampoo and whether the client is a good fit for Cali-Curl.

Use caution with processing on highly lifted, porous hair and never be afraid to tell a client that the hair is too porous to do a Cali-Curl. Then prescribe a conditioning regimen of weekly use of the Cali-Curl Bond Therapy Masque (leave on 10 minutes minimum) and revisit the idea of Cali-Curl in a couple of months.

How can salon owners start incorporating Cali-Curl into their business model, and what kind of results can they expect to see?

Incorporating Cali-Curl into your business model is easy, and the results can be extremely rewarding. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

1. Educate yourself and your staff on the benefits of Cali-Curl. The more you know about the service, the better you'll be able to sell it to your clients and answer any questions they may have. Attend one of Cali-Curl's many certification webinars to begin your Cali-Curl journey.

2. Start offering Cali-Curl as part of your service menu, and market it to existing and potential clients alike. Create a social content showcasing before and after's, transformation video and more! When you provide an incredible hair service that's in demand, you can expect an increase in bookings and happy clients who stay loyal to your salon. Remember, the ideal Cali-Curl customer is already in your chair!

3. Use high-quality products and follow the steps outlined in this article to ensure that each Cali-Curl service is performed correctly and yields beautiful healthy results. Also take the time to teach your client the dos and don'ts of wavy hair and how to style their new Cali-Curl Beach Waves. Your clients will thank you for it!

4. If you work with a team, train your staff on how to properly perform a Cali-Curl service so that they can provide the same great results and experience for every client.

As more and more salon owners and stylists begin to offer Cali-Curl, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve by providing this cutting-edge hair service. The results you'll see will be well worth the effort!

Final Thoughts
Cali-Curl is a cutting edge hair service that offers countless benefits for both salon owners and their clients. By offering this service, you can expect to see an increase in bookings, happy clients, and loyal customers. Make sure to educate yourself and your staff on the service; with the right training and attention to detail, you and your team can deliver beautiful, healthy results with every Cali-Curl service!

Interested in giving your clients the Cali-Curl service? Click here to order your Get Started Intro!

By: Brayton Walls