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Salon Spotlight: The Hive


The Hive and Honeycomb Salon are one-of-the-same with a mission to do good. They are on a mission to be good to their guests, their staff, their environment, and their community. They are committed to offering the finest therapeutic services using vegan and environmentally conscious products and believe that sustainability is a responsibility, not a luxury.

Alicia Brown, is one of two owners of Honeycomb and The Hive at Honeycomb. She serves as the Artistic Director and lead stylist at Honeycomb Salon and enjoys mentoring all of our Associate Stylists. Honeycomb offers an Associate Program allows licensed professionals to receive in depth hands on training in the art of color theory, application, creative color, cutting, and more, before earning a full time chair at Honeycomb. During your appointment with Alicia, you'll likely meet her current Associate Stylist that she is mentoring, and this stylist will assist in everything from shampooing, blowdrying, styling, and color application - All with direct instruction and care by Alicia. Many of our guests refer to this as the "celebrity treatment", as they get the attention and pampering of two stylists instead of one!

Website: www.thehivecorvallis.com
Instagram: @thehivecorvallis
Facebook: @thehivecorvallis

What was your inspiration to open The Hive?
We have some very passionate and talented people on our team. We attribute a huge amount of our success at our first location, Honeycomb, to the incredible service providers that we have. Our lash extension services were booming and we recognized that we needed a more dedicated space for those services. We also had service providers who were passionate about skin care and an incredibly talented massage therapist that was interested in working with us, so an expansion was needed! We just wanted to create a beautiful, relaxing space for our team to work in and for our clients to enjoy.

What is your vision for The Hive?
We created The Hive to be an relaxing and positive space for our guests and our team to spend their day. We hope to always continue growing and to offer the services that our team and guests are excited about.

What is your unique point of difference?
The Hive’s biggest point of difference is the team that we have working with us. They are highly skilled in their professions and they're also just amazing people. We are very proud of the culture that we've been able to create and maintain throughout the two locations. We've found that if we (leadership) take care of our team that they take wonderful care of our guests. We're constantly told by our guests how relaxed and amazing they feel when they're with us and we have a very high client retention rate because of that. We are able to offer those amazing experiences to our guests because we have a team of people who care deeply about their craft.

How is The Hive involved in the community?
We are really looking forward to being able to do some outreach in our community at The Hive. In the two and a half years that our first location has been open we've been fortunate to be able to volunteer our services and resources for events supporting breast cancer research, veterans, and at-risk teenage girls and women. Our team has identified some causes that are dear to their hearts and we're excited to partner with some organizations to help those causes.

What are you the most proud of when it comes to The Hive?
The team we have. The culture. The positive response we've had from our guests. It's been a whirlwind opening two locations in two years and we're really proud of how our team has been able to sustain our standard of service and culture through all the growth we've had.

If you were going to give one piece of advice to a young dreamer who wants to own their own establishment in the beauty industry, what would it be?
Don't take no for an answer. People will try to tell you that something is impossible or that you can't do something. That's their reality, it doesn't have to be yours.

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