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What The Products You Use Say About You


In the beauty industry, you pick up a kind of 6th sense. Sometimes the haircut inspo pic or the shade of lipstick your client chose that morning gives you all you need to know about how their appointment will go that day. You just seem to know that when your client promises 'this time they'll stay blonde forever,'  faster than you can say "pumpkin spice," she will be in your chair wanting 'copper Autumn vibes'! No, you're not a mind reader (well, maybe you are), but we're talking about those clues that speak to who they are by their choices. One choice all stylists make is their go-to hair gems! And since I'm a hair product lover, I will magically reveal your personality based on your most reached-for product line.

*Disclaimer* I'm not a psychic, and I do not have any magical powers (that I'm aware of)!

This is all in good fun!


Hi Badass, don't let the floral fool ya, you are edgy! You love the unexpected, and if you could pick a decade to go back to, it would be the 70s all the way. Rock n Roll and bell-bottoms, what more could you ask for? Your clients come to you because you are fun! You dig the wild colors and trendy cuts they beg for!


Can you say "It Girl"? You are effortlessly cool, on-trend, and classic wrapped in one. You always seem to find the perfect line between messy and coifed. Your clients come to you hoping they can be that cool too. An you don't disappoint! They leave with those perfect beachy waves every time!


Is that hair dye or paint on your shirt? Oh, it's both? You are an artist; creating things with any medium is your reason for living. A bit of a performer and maybe a little dramatic, you give your client's an immersive experience. They come to you to get away and watch the magic unfold.


You don't fall for it. You don't buy into hype or trends. You like tested, researched, and proven. Your workstation is clean enough to perform an operation. Clients love your techniques and are in awe of your results. But you knew they would; after all, you have tested that method several times before.

Bare Shelves?

Yup, that says something too... Get to Salon Services ASAP! If you're reading this, that means you are in the right spot! It's ok; we're here to help! We'll find the product line that speaks to you!

By: Rachel Hager

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