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Vantage Point - 9/8


We have all witnessed how quickly this year has flown by and let’s face it, people want something to look forward to.

Retailers around the world are scrambling to find the right solution to get the consumer to purchase and YOU have the solution and the relationship!

Start early this year! Throw out the old thought that Holiday Marketing doesn’t go up until after Thanksgiving. Consumers are planning in advance this year on what their Holiday will look like, so be their resource, be their ONE STOP SHOP. There are several different opportunities for you to create the Holiday Shopping Experience in your salon as well as online through your website. Several industry experts are predicting that online shopping will be an all-time high this year.

Recent studies have found:
• In a survey by the firm First Insight they found 32% of people feel unsafe or very unsafe visiting shopping malls.
• 80% of women are uncomfortable trying on makeup and other beauty products in stores, 68% feel unsafe trying on clothes in dressing rooms and 61% feel unsafe trying on shoes. They are relying on your professional recommendation of what to use and what to gift to their loved ones. You are the professional that is trusted.
• The fear is still rippling across the travel industry, too, which has its own implications for retail businesses located in airports or centered in densely populated tourist districts. Salons and Spa's, Stylists and Skin Therapists all continue to be trusted destinations for the consumer picking up all sorts of gift giving items.

Don’t limit yourself to the current brands you represent. Think about introducing some new categories or cross promoting brands within your salon or spa. We have several different opportunities available to enhance your guests shopping experience such as facial sheet masks (a top selling item), cosmetics, lash growth, candles, body care, hair treatments, as well as tools and accessories like dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.

Utilize digital and social media outlets to promote your Holiday Offerings and showcase different opportunities that you have available online, in-store and for curbside pickup. Have fun with virtual events sharing fun gift sets and new products that you will be offering during the Holiday Season.

Make your offerings personal for your clients to understand the delight they can give to their family and friends. Also, remember many shoppers during the Holiday Season are also shopping for themselves.

Get creative and think of different ways to share ideas about Holiday Gifting. We have heard about salons placing marketing around the salon promoting that YOU will be their personal shopper by making recommendations for the people on their Holiday list. By partnering with SalonInterative digital platform you can open up your online selection to new product lines and gifts sets that Salon Services will pick, pack and deliver directly to their friends and family for you.

Start now with reminding your clients what you have to offer via email, social media posts, and within your salon by filling it with warm Holiday Joy to remind them of something Normal, Happy and Fun!


Sydney and George
Owners of Salon Services

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