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5 Social Media Tips from Johnny LaRusso


As a hairdresser, in this day and age, being a part of social media is a must when it comes to building a clientele and getting your name AND work out there to the public. For me, it all started in 2013. I never thought hair and beauty posts would blow up as much as it has in the past 7 years. Nowadays, clients are requesting to see your work on Instagram. It’s your calling card and your portfolio. It is also a great resource to keep up with what’s on trend and popular in the beauty industry…even globally.

Now WHAT you post is just as important as regularly posting. You want to consistently engage your audience with the quality of posts as well as hashtags that will reach out to who you WANT to see your posts. Most of you have noticed that hairdressers will obviously post hair pics.

Here are five tips to making every post engaging on social media:

  1. Be your personal brand.
    Be consistent with what you specialize in as an artist (Long hair, pixies, color, cutting, styling, etc)…because those are the clients who are going to come to you.
  2. Make your posts interesting/different than what you normally see out there.
    Step outside the box. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. It is not about what you post as much as it is about how you post it.
  3. It is all about composition and lighting.
    I prefer natural light as opposed to light ring effect. The client doesn’t always have to be composed in the center, but they should be the focal point. I try to look at it as if I am shooting a print ad or commercial.
  4. Edit your pictures.
    Use your tools! Blur, shadow, sharpening, and highlight pictures. You don’t want to distract too much from the actual subject.
  5. Post 1-2x a day. I want to engage, but not oversaturate.

There are so many apps out there for us to use. I just use my built-in video apps. It can get complicated, but you will eventually get the hang of it the more videos you edit. I also think people want to see YOU, THE ARTIST working and, in some ways, get a visual of you as a stylist they are following. It is okay to post random personal videos and photos as well. People want to see your personality. It doesn’t all have to be hair, hair, hair.

As a hair educator, I never say, “You HAVE to do it this way or that way." I always let stylist know that these are my techniques to achieve certain looks. Everybody does things different. My goal is to inspire you as an artist as much as I can. Same thing goes for social media posts.

Johnny LaRusso
Lancer and Lace
Seattle, Washington

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