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Five Reasons Why Your Customers Will Love HydroPeptide


A high-quality, highly esteemed professional skincare brand adds value to the salon and is necessary for customers to adopt. HydroPeptide understands this importance and is here to help salons, spas, and stylists communicate that message.

Not only does HydroPeptide provide quality skincare products, they also support businesses with excellent manufacturer support. Here are the benefits of working with the award-winning brand, HydroPeptide:

Clinical Results + Luxury Experiences
Clients don't have to choose one or the other.

Immediate Results with No Downtime
Clients look great right away, no need to wait for results.

Complete Yet Concise
HydroPeptide treats all major skin concerns with far less products than many other lines.

"Better Than Organic"
Clinically clean science means we're free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and cruelty. Every product undergoes stringent RIPT testing to ensure skin compatibility.

Charitable Giving
The brand has a three-year partnership with charity: water.

Check out recent press for HydroPeptide, which is formulated by geneticists and backed by doctors!




HydroPeptide formulas use peptides to deliver unparalleled anti-aging results. They’ve revolutionized skincare by utilizing the principles of epigenetics to support cellular health, creating solutions that benefit the long-term health of the skin. Famous faces, celebrity makeup artists, dermatologists, spa directors, and esteemed estheticians use HydroPeptide because their products deliver award-winning results year after year.

Build your salon and spa’s credibility and offer this award-winning range of skincare to customers. Log in or register at Salon Services to shop your favorite items in the brand.