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Grow Your Career in the Beauty Industry with Us


We hire amazingly talented people, and we know it! It is important to us that we play to our team’s strengths, foster learning, and inspire them to grow in their positions or seek new challenges within other parts of our company. No matter where you start your journey with us, we want you to know that there are so many opportunities to grow your career here. Starting today, you will see us share some of the employee’s paths from where they started with us to where they are today.

Marci Brown Salon ServicesMarci Brown started with Salon Services in 2005 as an educator for Dermalogica. In the past 14 years, she has held positions in sales on both the skin and hair team, regional management, and brand management. A couple of years ago, Marci went back to school to complete her degree in Business Management and Marketing. Last year, she presented an idea for a new marketing department where she could use her experience and education at Salon Services. She is currently the Marketing Manager.

Why do you love working for Salon Services?
Everything we do is about protecting the professional beauty industry and I am proud to say that I work for a company that partners with small businesses to help them grow. Every tool, every resource, and every product has been so explicitly chosen to help our salons gain a competitive edge. Working for a learning organization that dares to risk and is confident to change gives me the freedom to risk and contribute to new ideas that help us all get to the next level. As the Marketing Manager, my goal is to bring all of our resources to the forefront of our client’s so they can see what a remarkable partnership it can be when you work with a distributor such as Salon Services. My advice to others who work here or are looking to work here: Don’t be shy about your career goals!! Tell your managers, share in your interviews and one-on-ones, or create the opportunity, as I did!

Eric McLemore Salon ServicesEric McLemore started with Salon Services in 2017 as a consultant on the hair team and has successfully managed two territories in Western Washington. His industry experience and continued contribution at Salon Services has grown into Eric being promoted into a Regional Manager role for our Southwest and Eastern Washington territories in May 2019. Moving into this role was a natural progression for Eric and his career at Salon Services. He wanted to be a more significant part of the change that is happening in our industry – not just for salons, but for his team too!

Why do you love working for Salon Services?
Altruism is contagious. I feel like working at Salon Services is one chain reaction of doing one good deed after another which creates a ripple effect through the community inspiring others to live their best life in business, one’s family and friends. The company is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning through encouraging personal mastery for everyone, and that is a key reason I have been able to grow and flourish at the company over my tenure.

Mark Elliot Salon ServicesMark Elliott started with Salon Services as a Skin Consultant in 2009. With his success in sales and his leadership qualities, Mark was promoted into a Regional Manager role with our skin team. In 2013, Mark left Salon Services to pursue new opportunities and in 2016, he rejoined our team in his previous role as Regional Manager. It is no secret at Salon Services that Mark thrives in innovation! His attention to detail and desire to create tools for his team, and the skin therapist he works with daily, led to his new position as Creative Director – Skin and Spa Division.

Why do you love working for Salon Services? Every day, ordinary people do extraordinary things. Being allowed the freedom to risk through innovation is why I love working for Salon Services. The identity of our industry is ever evolving - which is beautiful and disruptive. It is vital that Licensed Professionals adapt to stay relevant. As protectors of our industry, it is essential for us to guide our professional partners through the vast sea of innovations.

The essence of my role as Creative Director is to enhance the experience that we provide our valued clients. Along with creating new tools, and programs, that assist our team in delivering on their promise to protect the professional beauty industry. My advice to others is simple – it’s never enough. Embrace that, and never stop challenging yourself to learn something new!

Interested in a career at Salon Services? Visit our Careers page for available opportunities!

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