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Vantage Point - 9/29


YOU Are Amazing Leaders

You are all leaders, leaders of your own life and most importantly a leader that influences so many of your clients. Each and everyday you wake up with confidence that you will be making a difference. It is the attitude you display, the words you speak, the body language you exude and the scornful faces that you don’t think anybody else sees (but of course they do), all contribute to the value -- or lack thereof -- that you, as a leader, create for others.- YOU Are Amazing Leaders -CEO’s & Owners George Learned & Sydney Berry

So how is your leadership showing up for your clients?

When you show up in front of your people, it’s game time and there are certain expectations a leader should uphold. 

Dressing the part: 
Dressing the role also places you into the right mental state, because feeling like a leader is a precursor to acting like one.

Play the role:
If you don’t believe you are in a leadership role, you are. Your customers rely on you for your insights to many issues that they are facing. If you don’t see yourself as a leader fix it. One tip is to picture in your mind a leader whose behavior you want to role model, someone who epitomizes what “right” looks like.

Just listen:
Not everybody is looking for a solution. Sometimes, the best thing a leader can do is just listen to issues and challenges.

Be candid:
How you present yourself behind the chair should be consistent and authentic, because the second you appear as anything less is when your people raise theBS flag. 

Salon Services wishes to thank all of you for being true heroines/hero’s (leaders) in these uncertain times that we are living in. WE and THEY need YOU!


Sydney & George
Owners of Salon Services

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