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Vantage Point - 8/31


                                                  Sydney Berry - Owner & CEO of Salon Services

As we complete the eighth month of this crazy year, I wanted to share thoughts and my personal journey with you.

First, I Am Proud Of You, for your strength, tenacity, flexibility and commitment to the safety of your staff plus clients. We have all been challenged in how to respond to this unprecedented event in our history. How we responded, was what illustrated our grit in our purposefulness to serve out clients, our staff and pursue our mission of our livelihood. I am honored to witness how you have navigated and responded.

Living with cancer for over thirty years has made me truly cherish each day! I live with an urgency most don't understand and I realize the only thing I can control, is how I control my response to every aspect in life. My fears, and my desire to thrive into the unknown future, balanced by my intention to live my best life, centers my challenges. In the last six years, I have been confronted with six new treatments to control my metastasized bone cancer. They have caused intense hives, extreme joint pain, shortness of breath, mouth sores so significant that I could not eat for weeks and even lost fifteen pounds; as well as experiencing dizziness, nausea, blisters and peeling of my feet. My biggest challenge is being tired. I have always prided myself with being the energizer bunny, with more energy than most, and I am now learning a new awareness of the new me! We are all learning a new awareness of self as defined by ourselves.

I share this with you as I understand that we are all learning a new me and how we move into this world in new ways. It will take persistence, resilience, care, fortitude and achievement of knowing you are doing all you can do! This creates new thought about what you can do and what you deem important to pursue.

Gratitude changes your emotional wellbeing and increases positive emotions giving you a heightened satisfaction with life and decreases negative emotions.

Be Kind To Yourself and look into your future as you have accomplished much in maneuvering these last months and know that you are powerfully wired to succeed in your life by your actions, relationships and your intention.

Below is a short video I encourage you to take a moment to watch. In it Angela Duckworth explores the science behind grit, and the power of passion and perseverance!

Sydney Berry
Owner & CEO of Salon Services

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