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Vantage Point - 1/12/21



As we move forward into 2021 we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your partnership throughout the past 40 Years and share what the two of us are focused on as we enter this exciting New Year!


Life is dynamic, with a series of experiences that require us to trust and believe in our intention of purpose. I have always believed we are all here to share our contributions in the world. It is not an easy path, however, one that calls to me to live with intention. It's the choices we make that determine our path in joy or darkness. How do you build your life connection to live in alignment?

When we began our distributorship in 1981 it was our mission to be "hairdressers for hairdressers" and with that purpose, we initiated our business as Sebastian of Seattle. Forty years later I can say that it has not always been easy. Throughout the years we have gained strength through the many challenges we faced and have overcome with a stronger mission and increased resilience. In reflection of the years since the beginning, it is an illustration of a life's journey. What was always true, was our vision to build the opportunity of growth, success and leadership in the salon industry and within our business. We believed in our drive to support the growth of our clients and our clients trusted us. This belief in our industry , purposeful determination during challenging times, has created the resiliency in our business.

It is the same in your personal life, as you encounter challenges and successes in life. How you choose to remain focused and patient in your knowing resolve, is the gift you share in this life. This understanding, is the building blocks of resiliency. We honor the resiliency we see in you!


2021 is here and we could not have done it without YOU! We are extremely grateful for the on-going support and like you, we understand that just because it is a new year or a new number, that things still are not back to normal nor will they be soon - so in a word that I reflect on a lot in recent weeks is STEADFAST. Synonyms for steadfast include faithful, loyal, steady, constant, dedicated, staunch, devoted, dependable, reliable, and true. You have all demonstrated steadfast like no other and everyone of your clients are blessed to have you as their stylist and skin therapist.

Yet, we can't forget that we need to be steadfast as we approach the first half of the year. We may see the light at the end of the tunnel but the question is, do we really know how long until we reach the end? So steadfast is appropriate. All of us at Salon Services will be faithful, loyal, and dedicated in understanding your needs and desires so let us know via your consultant, customer care agent, or store, if we are not satisfying your business needs. We are here to be of support to you and would love to hear from you on what your wishes are in education, marketing, brands, and rewards.

All businesses are experiencing a new dimension, regardless of what industry you are in. It is a time to set new goals for a new year and that is why we are excited to be introducing new service and retail products that you and your clients can experience. Remember you are the energy you want to attract and we believe that you have the power to make 2021 the most successful year within your career history!

With steadfast and resilient LOVE,
George and Sydney
Owners & CEO's of Salon Services

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