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Vantage Point - 10/13


Review of PBA Benchmarking

If you did not get a chance to review or see the latest PBA (Professional Beauty Association) benchmarking survey we have dedicated this week to review and comment on some highlights we felt would be important for you to review and perhaps incorporate into your business. The first being how behaviors have changed for your clients and how they are looking to de-stress and pamper themselves:

55% are using facial masks -
We encourage you to review the many options we have available for you. Whether you currently have skin services in your environment, or not we have brands that you can use and recommend in this growing category. Masks are FUN and they create an experience for the individual in the comfort of their home or for friends and family to do together. It's a social thing that yields incredible results PLUS Great skin!

50% are wanting to deep condition their hair -
This allows you to add new services onto your menu. Make sure to see your consultant, call our customer care team or simply go on-line to salonservicepro.com and research all the brands that offer deep conditioner treatments. For example, Rewind from Brazilian Blowout offers anti-aging hair treatments that take 15 minutes to perform and lasts up to 10 washes!

46% of clients that were surveyed are taking long baths -
This is your opportunity to expand your retail selection to bath and body. Our recommendation is Tranquillity by Comfort Zone. This range of bath and body rituals, features aromatic formulas rich in essential oils specifically chosen to disconnect one from the frenzy of the world.

40% are using foot and hand conditioning products - 
We have been proudly representing Earthly Body CBD Daily that not only addresses the feet and hands but is also used as an all over body massage. If you have not ventured into this category we truly believe you are missing out on one of the fastest growing segments (CBD) in the beauty category.  Your clients will not only receive the moisturizing benefits but also the calming and relaxing benefits from these products.

37% of clients are giving themselves a facial -
Skin Authority has created "facial club" that not only allows your customers to go home with a facial but it allows you to become a virtual "coach" and walk them through it with you. More to come on this subject matter (How to become a virtual stylist/skin therapist in this new era of covid).

The most interesting fact that we found is that only 49% of customers surveyed have been back in-store for beauty products at your salon, department store, Sephora, Ulta, etc. (excludes grocery stores, big box, and super stores). This is a BIG Opportunity for you to reach your clients and let them know that even through you have not seen them you would love to have them shop with you through your SalonInteractive website. Encourage them to shop local and shop with their favorite stylist/skin therapist, YOU! Don't forget, they rely upon your professional advise and once you give them direction they will follow it.


Sydney Berry & George Learned
Owners & CEO's of Salon Services

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