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Salons Join Salon Services at Data-Driven Summit 2019


In the true fashion of Encouraging Personal Mastery, our partner salons were able to dig deep into their data and mine the wisdom and learn from successful salon owners and peers. They were able to consider ways to engage their teams, gain and retain clients, and propel their growth. Identifying business opportunities and being able to develop tactical game plans gave our salons the ability to consider strategies and best practices from salon owners around them. On top of this, the realization of the role technology plays in growing the salon business and the tools available to gather the data to drive their business forward was inspiring to witness.

“Since the onset of Data Driven 3 years ago, we have wanted to have our salons be inspired by the vision this collaborative education platform would provide. And this year, was our opportunity. Our clients have returned with initiatives, intentions and a revived sense of purpose. We are dedicated to continuously supporting our salons in strengthening their capability and resolve with their mission,” Sydney Berry, CEO Co-Owner, Salon Services.

The feedback we received from our salons was motivational and fueled with ideas of where they want their business to go and how they are going to get there. Jeanese, founder of Misbehaven Salon & Spa in Walla Walla, WA spoke to how she wants to focus on their culture, vision, and their client’s experience. “What’s our vision and how are we getting there? Who are we? Start out with the why and consider what will stop us from getting there.”

AnneMarie, owner of Ottalaus Salon in Lehi, Utah shared her inspiration from Data Driven, “Customer service consistency. I have already redone our front desk manual while traveling home to implement immediately. Building a clear expectation of guest services our providers and having them do simple tasks such as recording their drink preference and always using their name when speaking to them to create more of an experience.”

Salon Services Regional Sales Manager, Ginni Revuelta, felt the most fulfilling part of Data-Driven was the collaboration amongst our salons that attended. “The moments between the moments. The conversations at meals, car rides and even walking to and from events was dialed in and inspired by a transparency and humility that is often missed owner to owner. I repeatedly heard our guests state that their takeaways from each other were just as great as the takeaways from the experts on stage. They were inspired and felt an accountability to each other that was pretty awesome to be a part of.”

“The Data-Driven Salon Summit was truly an event that I felt amplified our core values here at Salon Services. We are here to “Encourage Personal Mastery” in this industry and being given the opportunity to learn from some top industry leaders, the best of best... was incredible. A quote that stuck with me through the event and is my new personal mantra is, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Without having a vision of what you want, and knowing the actions needed to get there, it’s just plan that never gets completed. Starting with your vision and core values to grow and foster like-minded people to carry out those actions is the building of a culture and completion of the plan! I took away so much valuable information that can be put into action to continue to strengthen our values and processes. But the most incredible insights came from our own team of top-notch owners who attended and to witness the sharing and collaboration between them was fantastic!”, Jacquely Fell, Salon Services Regional Sales Manager.

Here is what some of our salons who attended had to say:

“The Summit was so informative but the conversation and connections we most meaningful! Huge THANK YOU to Jacquelyn and Ginni for hosting us! I would love to get a tax workshop class together for us all. Of everything, I feel that’s our foundation and with a good foundation we are sustainable if a big wind hits any of us! “

Melissa, owner of Chemel Salon, Tacoma, WA

“Thank you for sending us to Data-Driven. It was absolutely eye opening! And, so much fun meeting other salon owners across the country. I can't even put into words how inspirational and real the experience was. So, again Thank you! And, I promise we will be accountable for all of our goals Nichole sent you. You're the best!”

Robert Middleton, owner of Stylus, Seattle, WA

Didn’t get to attend or want to learn more? We will be publishing a Data-Driven series on our Newsfeed with our Regional Managers, Jacquelyn Fell and Ginni Revuelta, every Monday in June.

Want to join us at Data-Driven in 2020? Visit for more information.

Salon Services Data Summit 1
Pictured LR: Antonio Solimeno (Antonio), AnneMarie and Joe Krainich (Ottalaus), Kasey Hubert (Misbehaven), Melissa Anderson (Chemel), Kasey Gartner (Misbehaven), Ginni Revuelta and Jacquelyn Fell (Salon Services), Robert Middleton and Nicole Cunanan (Stylus).

Salon Services Data Summit 2
Pictured LR: Melissa Anderson (Chemel), Kasey Gartner (Misbehaven), Jacquelyn Fell and Ginni Revuelta (Salon Services), Jeanese Hubert (Misbehaven), Nichole Cunanan and Robert Middleton (Stylus).

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