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Across the country, micro-service menus are popping up, encouraging add-on sales. The perfect micro-service is a service that derives a desirable benefit; is easy for both receptionists and service providers to describe and can be accomplished in moments. It should represent a low to zero cost to the salon/spa, little extra time from the service provider, and is priced at a point that the client gives little thought to the impact to his or her wallet.

Let’s discuss re-imagining skin care in the “salon” world. Imagine offering your client a product that would yield an immediate gratification without receiving a facial? Yes, it is happening all over the world. Stylist are adding these micro-services for their clients such as a quick “lift” or “softening” of wrinkles around the eyes by applying products that are available for retail. Let’s face it, we don’t all get facials on a regular basis nor do our clients. Many of us have never experienced a facial AND many of us if not all of us use and love skin care. We are not advocating taking away the services that our aestheticians perform, nor do we believe that by offering this new mini application would take away from an aesthetician. It would only intrigue that client to see an improvement in their skin or beauty and be inquisitive to what more the salon could offer. If the salon does have a skin therapist, then it would promote services and if the salon doesn’t have a skin therapist, we have the opportunity to introduce them to more of a full skin regime that would only improve overall skin health.

If you are an aesthetician, offer new micro-services that are quick and offer immediate gratification. Re-imagine yourself outside of the treatment room offering skin consultations when you’re not with your own clients. Consumers LOVE skin care and you can be the trusted source for so many that may not know you are even in the salon. If you would like to learn more about different micro-services you can be offering or how to incorporate body, wax, tools or even candles/diffusers to assist in creating a beauty experience, see your consultant. Remember your client comes to you for beauty advice in all areas.

Re-imagine your retail area that has technology incorporated in it to have interaction with your clients while you are with another. Shortly, Salon Services will be offering Hi-Mirror technology that will not only give skin recommendations after a photo is taken, but it will be able to take that photo and incorporate cosmetics and hair color options right on the actual client’s photo (see your consultant for more detail). Being able to bring personalized, app-like, technology into your space creates engagement that is customized to your clients’ needs and opens better conversations in the consultation.

Re-imagine how consumers shop for cosmetics! We no longer need a make-up artist on location to sell make-up. If Hi-Mirror technology is offering a full service on what I would look like with a smoky eye or a new shade of lipstick, I would feel confident to purchase immediately from your location or even shop online (through our Salon Interactive program) to get it next day at my home. The retail landscape is changing for salons! You don’t necessarily need to bring on a full line of cosmetics in order to retail it to your clients. By having Salon Interactive (see your consultant for more details), you are truly full service in your retail offerings. The upside is that YOU offered it to me, and I love you for it!

Re-look at your retail area to see if you can tell what services you offer. Do you see anything that promotes hair-extensions? If not, then see your consultant on our new display feature that adds service dollars immediately in the salon. Imagine seeing hair extensions that a consumer could touch and feel and even see what they would look like with “fuller” hair not necessarily with longer hair? Interested in learning more? See your consultant!

Re-fresh the services you offer as it is imperative to retaining customers. Your clients may know what services you offer in haircuts and hair color, but we want you to refresh your thoughts on offering one the fastest growing services in our industry. The new semi-smoothing treatments that don’t cost $250-$350 a service, but a $150 service that would give them smooth, frizz free, for up to six weeks in only 30 minutes when you add it onto a cut or color (see your consultant for more information).

The upside to these new offerings are that your clients are getting everything they need from YOU. The true beauty professional. This improves client retention and will increase your new client business with more referrals. The goal is to optimize the EXPERIENCE for your clients.

George Learned

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