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Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Online Store


Now that you have your online store set up, the next step is to let your clients know all about it. How it's a convenient way to shop 24/7 and a trusted source for professional products that are recommended by their beauty expert (that's you, btw).

Here are the top 10 ways to get the word out:

1. Add a Shop Now button on your website.

2. Add a Shop Now button on your Facebook page.

3. Create a post on all of your social media channels with a direct link to your online store.

4. Pin your Facebook post to the top of your page, so others see it first.

5. Send clients a quick text with your online store link.

6. Create a mass email campaign and shout out the good news.

7. Create a QR code that links back to your store. Place this code with an invite to check out your online store on displays in your salon, in your front window, on printed receipts, even on the back of your business cards.

8. Send individual product recommendations to your client base on their specific needs.

9. Make a quick video tutorial and include a link to your online store for viewers to shop for the products and tools that you just demonstrated.

10. Tell your clients about your online store, even show them the next time they are in your chair the products that you recommend using their phone. Also, place those products in their shopping cart so they can reference them, and hopefully buy them, later.

Just in case, here's how to find your link.

Don't have an online store yet? We've got you covered!

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