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How to Compete with Amazon and Win Your Retail Sales Back by Marci Brown


We see it every day. We talk about it every day. Sometimes with other business owners. Sometimes with our clients. So now it is time to do something about it. It is undeniable, Amazon’s dominance in eCommerce is affecting our salon sales. As of now, 44% of all product searches start with Amazon. They also own almost half of all U.S. online retail sales – 43% to be exact. And it’s such a double-edged sword because we all shop on Amazon too! And for the same reasons our clients do.
So, let’s talk about that. Why do we shop on Amazon?

  • Low prices
  • Free Shipping
  • Convenience

According to Epsilon, who surveyed 4,000 consumers, a leading 64% cited price as their motivation for shopping on Amazon, with free shipping (60%) a close second. Convenience was also a major factor with 52% saying they shopped on Amazon because it was easy to buy that way. Prime members had the same motivations, but more were driven by free shipping.

Interestingly, Epsilon’s report also revealed that people who spend a lot on Amazon, also turn out to be high spenders in other areas. Why is this important for the salon? Well, with so many brands partnering with Amazon to limit third party sellers and control discounting, many of the brands that you sell in salon are on Amazon for the same price or more. So, if price isn’t the problem, why are they not buying when they are in the salon after comparison shopping.

It all comes down to timing. Clients are not in the habit of buying product because they may run out in between services. Long gone are the days when clients shopped like that. Think about it. We can get anything when we want it and quickly and when was the last time you stocked up on anything that is considered a luxury good? Plus, it’s really rare that your client stops by in between appointments to pick up product. Why, because IT IS NOT CONVENIENT. Enters Amazon. How can someone maximize their to-do list when they are busy? Shop online with a trusted source. Have it delivered to my home. Know I am getting a fair price. Check. Check. And Check.

Just because Amazon is a major retailing competitor, that doesn’t mean you can’t compete. Brick and mortar has something Amazon doesn’t. Over half of the customers surveyed prefer shopping in a store. And 69% say that touching a product is an important part of shopping. PLUS, 73% trust stores more than online for safe and secure shopping.

Here is what we can tell you for sure: if you’re going to be successful in competing with Amazon, you have to be better about creating the experience in the salon and you need to be selling online. Ignoring Amazon and throwing your hands up in the air can lead you to a real problem with your business. Now more than ever, it’s important to strategize and take action on your business and the best way to start is by getting your salon retail ONLINE with Salon Interactive.

Here are 6 ways Salon Interactive can help you compete with the biggest retailer in the world:

  1. Price
    Salon Interactive guarantees manufactured suggested retail price.
  2. Promotions
    Salon Interactive gives your client’s access to promotions, which helps you compete on price.
  3. Free Shipping
    When your client’s purchase $50 or more, shipping is free and will be to their home in 2-business days.
  4. Convenience
    Your online store is open 24/7. And it is a trusted source for online shopping. Your customers know they are getting what they want, when they want it, and in a secure way.
  5. Advertising
    Salon Interactive offers free marketing campaigns to promote your online store’s products directly to your customer.
  6. Guaranteed Repurchasing With YOU!
    There is no sleight of hand here. You never have to worry about us trying to take your client and your sales. Salon Services considers ourselves the “Protectors of the Beauty Industry” and our goal is to protect your business and help you grow.

You probably want to know how it works. It is genius.

Our goal is not to have to convince you. We already know the pain you are experiencing, and the effects Amazon is having on your salon’s business. We want to make sure you know THERE IS A SOLUTION and signing up is easy.

There is only one more piece of advice we can give you. Once you set it up, talk about it. With every client. Just putting it on your social media and your website is not enough for them to sway away from Amazon and shop with you. YOU are the key to getting your clients to shop with you and not Amazon. Introduce it to them when you are talking about product. Remind them when they are checking out. Use the Salon Interactive campaigns to email your clients and promote your online store.

We got this! Easy peasy. Sign Up Today!

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