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How to be a Superstar Stylist in 3 Steps


Want to stand out from the rest? Here's a few tips...

1. Be True to Yourself

This cliché is stamped on the side of mugs and labeled on tote bags, but there's a reason it's everywhere. To be a superstar of any kind, you have to own what you do. Offer the services that make you happy, and you’re good at. Do you really love braiding but have no clue? You can learn that. Getting to do what you love and are passionate about is why so many stylists are still in the industry today.

2. Never Stop Learning

No baby was born knowing how to balayage (or even say balayage). You have come a long way since beauty school, but superstars don't stop and admire what they already know. They find new ways to challenge and push themselves. Industry leaders continuously sharpen their skills by following the latest trends and learning new techniques.

3. Brand Yourself

Don't have one? Think about one thing you want your clients to remember from their visit. Do your customers melt over your fantastic scalp massage, or love that coming to you feels like a vacation? Create your brand and market it! Instead of a generic deep conditioning treatment, give them your brand with a signature treatment. Are you all about using natural ingredients? Partner with a product line that cares all about it too.

So you followed all three steps, now what? Are you on the cover of vogue talking about styling your bountiful celebrity clientele? Maybe. But more than likely, you're still thinking about what your brand is and if you can pull off using an emoji for your first name (I recommend). the next steps are a lot harder. They are the actions!

Putting all the steps into practice and keeping with it! As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and if you made it this far, I will reward you with the final secret step. Consistency. Creating a beautiful signature cut will get you far, but being able to complete it consistently time and time again will make you a superstar. Get results on purpose and the know-how to create them every time. Don't get me wrong, we all love 'happy accidents' that turn that too dark toner into our clients' favorite hair color, that is until she told 3 of her friends who want the exact same thing.

Keeping consistent with the three steps (or rather 4) will put you on track to being a Superstar Stylist! So, stay consistent, my friends, and happy styling!

By Rachel Hager
Salon Services Pro Trainer