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Prestige brands have been reporting over +47% growth in travel beauty products alone*. With more people traveling via airlines every year, the beauty category accounts for one-third of the total duty-free market, and 46% of shoppers who visit beauty retailers at airports make a purchase**.

With travelers needing to arrive at airports earlier than ever, they often have free time on their hands and their pocketbooks prior to boarding a flight. How does this opportunity at the airport translate to the salon? Our clients have many moments during their appointments where they have time on their hands. Whether it is waiting for their appointment or the time they have while processing, we have an opportunity to engage the customer with nothing to do but wait. Bringing our travel areas to the forefront of our client’s attention could mean big growth in-salon retail by capturing those sales before they even pack their bags.

Clients enjoy finding new products and brands. Minis allow for consumers to indulge in newness while justifying their occasional spending. Travel sizes represent an opportunity to capture new customers, increase retail sales with existing customers, and promote brand loyalty within your salon. It’s not a secret that promoting travel versions of the regular size gets your clients attention! These petite sizes have made its way into becoming a way of life in beauty. It gives consumers the opportunity to try a product they might not normally purchase with a minimum investment. Clients want to explore new products and have their favorite products with them when they travel so they feel comfortable and can stick to their routine.

The popularity of mini products will be evident for at least as long as travel and experiences continue to dominate consumer priorities. Aside from the value, exploration, and convenience provided by these products, their cute size and packaging also aid in their mass appeal. As brands look for new ways to capture consumer attention, exploring unique mini options could be key to recapturing your client’s interest in your salon’s brands.

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*Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, 12 months ending September 2017
**Source: Glossy Magazine / How beauty brands are tapping into the booming travel retail market, April 2019

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