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The Ultimate Salon Client Experience: How to Up Your Service Game


The salon is our home, and we feel comfortable in the space every day. However, it's easy for some salon guests to feel intimidated, unsure, or even nervous about their visit. As service providers, it's ultimately up to us to make the most of the time spent with salon guests so that they feel welcome and have a positive experience from beginning to end.

During a salon visit, be sure to:

  • Remember that people are paying for your time, so you want them to feel the value of the visit, not like a transaction. 
  • Get to know your new guest, their lifestyle, hair history and challenges, beauty budget, and their long-term goals with their look.
  • Ensure you have allotted enough time for a thorough consultation for every guest. You never want a new or existing client to feel rushed into a decision about their hair.
  • Get at eye level with them and chat face-to-face. Ask about any recent changes in their life or any new seasonal or other trends they'd like to explore. When you think you know what they want, confirm what they're looking for by repeating it back to them. 
  • Let them know what's involved with the service and the upkeep afterward. Nobody likes surprises at the end or to walk away with regret for making a change.
  • Remember that it's the client's time during the service, so all conversations should be about them. Pay attention and let them do most of the talking. Connecting with your guest and mastering the art of listening will help retain clients.
  • Walk them through what you're doing when styling the their hair, including what products and tools you are using. Even consider recording the process for them to reference later.
  • Make notes in their client profile immediately so that you remember upcoming events, new hobbies, relationship status, etc., for their next visit. 
  • Recommend when you'd like to see them again - based on their current look and ultimate hair goals, and help them schedule their next appointment before they leave.
  • Walk your client to the front desk or the front door if they checked out chair-side. Let new clients know you enjoyed meeting them and thank all guests for the visit. And only once they've walked out the door, turn to walk away or greet your next client.

Remember This

People choose businesses based on experience, and many come to a salon based on emotions: a breakup, an engagement, an interview, a new mom, a new trend, etc. There can be so much power in the moments they spend in the salon. So, how do we help make positive, pivotal moments for every guest every time?

It's simple; be 100% present for them. It's your client's time, and it's up to us - their service providers - to make the most of their experience while in our care.

By: Rosy Salon Software

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