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Salons Redefining Beauty Standards (2023)


However, in recent years, there has been a shift in the beauty industry towards inclusivity and diversity. From embracing natural hair textures to celebrating body positivity, many salon owners have taken it upon themselves to redefine what beauty means.

We had the opportunity to speak with a couple of inspiring salons who are at the forefront of this movement. Each one shared their unique perspective on beauty and why it's so important to challenge traditional standards.

Canvas Hair Studio

Credit: on IG

Canvas Hair Studio allows their team of talented and curated stylists to be the driving force behind their creative and inclusive vision. Canvas has “no ‘I’ in ‘team’”. To them, redefining beauty standards is easy.

“We genuinely believe that every human deserves to be uniquely themselves unconditionally. Taking beauty back into our hands, celebrating diversity and unique hair texture. Gender has been removed from our service menu for years, we support companies like Strands for Trans, and we support a community that prioritizes safe and inclusive spaces.”

When asked about a specific event or realization that led them to a mission of inclusivity, they had this to say:

“Having a non-binary client call to ask what appointment to book, a men's or women's cut, was the catalyst to take gender out of services. We also started offering gender-affirming haircuts. We've always been inclusive and safe; this just pushed us into a new feeling of unconditional beauty and love.”

Credit: on IG

Canvas’ latest client review reads:

“I absolutely love going to Canvas! Not only are they highly skilled at what they do, they actually take the time to explain what their doing and why. You might think "It's just hair, what's the big deal?" Nah. ITS A BIG DEAL! It's a wonderful part of our body and for some, the importance of our hair is deeply rooted in how we see ourselves culturally and spirituality. Intuitively, Canvas knows and honors this. I feel they truly want the best for each one of their clients and really goes the distance to give you hair that you love, and Canvas doesn't act as a gatekeeper with what education we can learn about hair and the products they use.”

“We've hosted a community supply drive every year we've been open. We choose local organizations and community members by hand. We do fundraising events all year for LGBTQ+. We've also just opened our second location in our local College, the University of Montana. We're so excited to get involved with the diversity and excitement of being involved with students.”

Omnia Salon

Credit: omniasalonsandiego on IG

Not only one of the highest quality rejuvenation and relaxation beauty bars in San Diego, but they are also an incredible voice in the LGBTQ+ community in their area. They believe in being “real and authentic” when redefining beauty standards.

“Our mission is to provide all our clients with excellent beauty services to emphasize natural beauty of their own. So, they feel beautiful inside out”