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Create Connections this Holiday Season


Now more than ever digital selling is imperative to capture not only sales but also customers loyalty. 92% of Holiday Shoppers will research or buy gifts online, this is your opportunity to capture their business virtually. Leveraging social media and ecommerce to boost sales during the holiday season is key.

If you haven't created your online store yet, we can help you through our partnership with SalonInteractive. This is a great way to not only increase sales, but also capture sales while your clients are away from the salon. It creates increased engagement and loyalty to YOU!

Keep your customers shopping with you and share the link easily through your social media pages. Remember you don't have to carry the inventory to host on your online store so this is a great way to maximize your cash and let us do the work for you.

The following are some fun, creative and inspirational ways for you to kick off this Holiday Season...

  • Host a virtual holiday reveal party to showcase the promotions you have to offer. This could include exclusive holiday sets, as well as holiday gifting ideas and showcasing fun holiday looks.

  • Think about creative ways that you can bundle savings with services and retail or vice versa.

  • Create a series of fun videos on Instagram Stories or Snapchat as a great way to give your clients a peek at your company culture and special offers over the holiday season.

  • Run a holiday marketing hashtag campaign, create a holiday hashtag around your brand and encourage your followers to share content surrounding it.

  • Create a holiday inspired social media contest where participants contribute something in return for rewards. Usually it involves an individual posting a picture or video on Instagram or Snapchat, and then tagging it with your special holiday hashtag.

  • Offer rewards, contests or discounts just for your social media followers. Whether it's a giveaway that's exclusive to your snapchat friends, or a 10-20% discount code that can only be found on instagram, giving a little can result in a lot in return.

  • Offer special incentives to clients to "pre-order" their holiday before coming into the salon. This will help you with inventory movement and management.

  • Start promoting holiday offerings in Sept/Oct to capture their business early.

  • Cross-promote brand and service categories.

  • Create short tutorials on the different holiday offers that you are promoting this year.

  • Introduce some new specialty items during the holiday (spa items, candles, hair masks, face and eye masks, skincare) *reminder if you are a saloninteractive customer you can do this without adding any inventory you just need to add the brand to your selection and promote.. yep it's that easy.

  • Offer free shipping on orders over $100 - 9 out of 10 people say free shipping is the #1 reason for them to shop online.

  • Offer limited edition GWP's with services to introduce your current or new brands.

  • Create a sense of urgency by incorporating a timer to your holiday promotions.

  • Send specific holiday emails to your customer base, or text if available.

  • Create a special discount or GWP for clients who refer their friends and family to come in for a service or to shop on your online platform.

  • Promote shop local and think about working with other local businesses to cross promote.

  • Plan for black Friday events to increase your sales and sell through the rest of your holiday promotional offers.

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