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Why the Top Hair Artists Love b3 Brazilian Bond Builder


Enjoy more creative freedom with your color services without having to change your booking schedule.

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is a professional tool that can be mixed into any color formulation to help re-attach and build bonds. Here’s what the top hair artists in the industry had to say about b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.

“We push hair to the limit. We are some bleach masters. You need something like b3 to control your cuticle. It really helps in my field of wanting to lift and be an extreme stylist without damaging or destroying my beautiful client’s hair.”

Rickey Zito, Winner of Behind the Chair’s Rainbow Shot Award
321K Instagram Followers
Featured on MTV, Glamour, Bustle

“I feel like the internal structure is being fortified and strengthened and I feel like you’re really seeing it immediately, too. It’s a one-stop shop. You’re getting everything you need as an additive.”

Rebecca Taylor, Founder of Vivid Hair Education and Creator of Hair Stylist Education Forum
404K Instagram Followers
“Best Vivids Colorist in the World” from Glamour Magazine

“I use b3 on all my extensions when I process them and when I color them. The end result is always very polished and smooth. This is what I care about the most.”

Mustafa Avci, Founder of Mustafa’s Workshop
391K Instagram Followers
Winner of Behind the Chair’s Curls Shot of the Year

b3 is a one-step system that helps prevent loss of cortex and cuticle cells while locking in pigments and improving color retention. Login or Register at Salon Services to shop b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.