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Long gone are the days of staring at the shelf wondering which wash or rinse to grab. This easy to read wash-rinse breakdown can help you determine which pair is best.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match across the categories. Using a wash for your hair type and a rinse for your hair needs not only makes you feel a bit dangerous but can really improve your hair.

Remember to plan ahead for seasonal changes. Climate can effect hair chemistry. Use your wash/rinse combination to combat dryness, humidity and UV protection.

All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are color safe, sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free.

Need to Know: Moisture rich, volumizing shampoo
Hair Type: fine, bleached, fragile, broken, chemically straightened
Hair Needs: volume, delicate cleansing, repair
Scent: hint of rose

Need to Know: daily shampoo for hair strength and vitality
Hair Type: all hair types
Hair Needs: gentle enough for everyday, protects from damage caused by hot tools
Scent: your local hippy shop

Need to Know: BLONDE.ANGEL is considered a treatment. Refreshes blonde or grey colors.
Hair Type: yellow, brassy blonde or grey
Hair Needs: shine, toning
Scent: Lavender infused


Need to Know: Moisture rich, ideal for dry climates, Vitamins A, E & C
Hair Type: dry, dull, split ends
Hair Needs: moisture, manageability
Scent: Fruity incense

Need to know: Give hair more flexibility
Hair Type: thick, coarse and curly hair
Hair Needs: manageability, suppleness
Scent: subtle earthy tones

Need to know: detoxifying, clarifying shampoo, contains fruit acids, clean clear scalp. Use before other wash/rinse/treatment combinations to cleanse hair.
Hair Type: all hair types – especially those with flaky, oily scalp or product build up
Hair Needs: clean, remove product chemical and pollutants, detoxify
Scent: Tea Tree

Need to know: Daily shampoo designed for men.
Hair Type: Any hair type – ingredients promote hair growth.
Hair Needs: clarify hair and scalp, awaken dormant hair follicles
Scent: minty

Need to Know: Densifying shampoo for thicker, stronger hair
Hair Type: Thin hair
Hair Needs: Increase hair growth, thicken hair
Scent: floral, ginger


Need to Know: 20 Amino Acids, restore youth
Hair Type: mature hair, heavily processed hair
Hair Needs: softening, shine, restorative, youthful luster, elasticity
Scent: floral, orchid

Need to Know: Protects from damage, restores hair
Hair Type: damaged, over processed, weak
Hair Needs: strength, moisture, repair
Scent: shea butter

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