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Saints & Sinners Divine Texture Spray Review


We gave a thumbs up to the new Saints & Sinners Divine Dry Finish Texture Spray. We loved the dry finish and texture it gave to our hair—with zero buildup!

What’s your hair type?

Heather: Fine, Short, color-treated.
Kayla: Medium to fine, inverted bob cut.
Jenni: Is "pain in the butt" a hair type? Fine, dry .
Gigi: I have thick, curly hair.

How often do you use texture spray?

Heather: Three to four times a week. It’s a staple for me after any wash.
Kayla: Every day!
Jenni: A couple times a week.
Gigi: I don't use it too often!

Did anything surprise you?

Heather: I love that I can feel the texture, but not the product. There is NO buildup with this! Some texture sprays can be very heavy and you really feel the product after spraying it. I almost feel I could go back for more—and I sprayed my normal amount on my head. It did seem like it had a matte finish on my hair. I loved that it came out dry.

Kayla: I LOVED how I had to use very little of it. It was very light and did not weigh down my hair. It also had a nice feel to it and wasn’t stick like other texture sprays can be.

Jenni: I liked the scent!

Gigi: I liked that it does go on dry and stays flake-free! Since my hair is dark, that's a major thing for me. I really enjoy that it's free of nut, mineral oil ingredients, synthetic colors, gluten, parabens, and cruelty!

Who would this spray be good for?

Heather: I would definitely say fine-haired people that need a bit of texture before styling. This would be great for those looking to hold styles with hair that is normally a bit limp. Textured braids, yes please!

Kayla: Someone with short fine/medium hair that is looking for volume, a.k.a. ME!

Jenni: Anyone who wants to add texture and fullness to their hair.

Gigi: This texture spray would be great for anyone who has fine, straight hair or hair that needs that extra oomph.

Would you use it again?

Heather: Totally. I’m a texture spray junkie and I love having multiple weapons in my arsenal. This would be awesome for those days I don’t want to go completely crazy with volume!


Jenni: YES! :)

Gigi: Yes, I'd use it again!