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New b3 Color Video Features Vivid Stylist Rebecca Taylor


With more than 406,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 1.2 million views on her YouTube channel, Rebecca Taylor, master vivid colorist and Guy Tang bestie, sits down with b3 Brazilian Bond Builder for the latest "Conversations at the Color Bar,” sharing her mantras, tips, advice and what she loves about b3.

 “I just want to always be better than I was yesterday. If you try to compete with someone else, that stems from a lot of negativity. If you compete with yourself and try to be better, I feel like that’s a much healthier approach.”

Trying new things in the industry is always important. The things she didn’t think would take off, like Sand Art hair, were what appeared on Good Morning America and were shared thousands of times, she said.

“That was one of the things where I was jumping around the living room going ‘I’m on Good Morning America!’”

She said she loves how b3 Brazilian Bond Builder changes the finish of the hair. She wasn’t getting the immediate shine, slip and mega-conditioning qualities with any other product.

“The internal structure is fortified and you’re seeing it immediately too. You’re getting everything you need as an additive, she said.”

With so many new techniques coming out so rapidly on social media, she needs an additive like b3 that will help her push creative boundaries.

“I’m a huge advocate of trying anything and everything that’s out there.”

Another thing—don’t be hesitant to give away your formulas, she said. Everybody’s canvas is going to be different, so it will require adaptation of the formula anyway.

“Nobody can really steal your technique or your formula because you’re working on a different canvas. If it can help a little bit, why not share? I feel like, at the very least, it’s good karma.”

Get more inspiration with b3 and watch another “Conversations at the Color Bar” with Ash Fortis and Laura Kaszoni. To purchase b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, login or register at Salon Services.