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Living proof Triple Bond Complex: A New Era in Hair Bond Building


There's a new kid on the bond builder block, and it's making a bold statement. Boasting some of the only triple bond hair repairs on the market, giving your clients hair 8 times stronger, smoother, shinier, and more manageable hair in just one use. (Plus, it even protects against future damage - so you can style hair without compromising its health). 

Below, we are going to go into the new and exciting tech that Living proof is bringing to the table and why your clients are going to love you using this product on their hair.

3D Fortifying Technology
Living proof's new hero ingredient, which is a vegan, plant-derived molecule, can actually penetrate hair and create new hydrogen, ionic and covalent bonds. It interacts with hair fibers, where it creates a 3D network within each strand of hair and, as the name implies, fortifies the hair structure, building new bonds to improve its core strength.

The 3D Fortifying Technology also protects against future damage, allowing you to style without compromise.

Encapsulated Cellular Oil
This innovative blend offers a multitude of protective benefits, such as defending against thermal and UV damage and color fading. It is powered by a blend of lipids and peptides derived from plant stem cells. 

Biomimetic Emollient Blend
The biomimetic emollient blend works to replenish lipids on the hair surface, which is your hair's natural protective defense - and can be easily damaged by brushing, UV exposure, and everyday heat styling, providing softness, lubricity, and shine to the hair. 

Cuticle Sealing Agent
This molecule helps seal lifted and damaged cuticles to smooth and soften hair while reducing signs of split ends, making hair more manageable for easier styling. 

Results You Can See and Feel

The formula doesn't just repair the bonds that have been broken; it actually creates brand-new ones to restore hair to like-new condition. In doing so, it improves hair across the board, including making hair 8 times stronger, leaving it smoother and softer, boosting its manageability, making it easier to style, and even offering light frizz control.

Not only that, but the Triple Bond Complex delivers those improvements for everyone - not just those with severe damage. Rather, the formula is deigned to work for all hair types and levels of damage. Another plus: there's no multi-step process to get these results.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your clients the gift of strong, healthy hair with Living proof Triple Bond Complex. They'll thank you for it!

By: Brayton Walls
Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist