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How to Use the New b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioning Treatment


Healthier and shiner hair is one conditioning treatment away with b3 Brazilian Bond Builder’s Demi-Permanent Conditioning Treatment, now available at Salon Services.

This treatment is the first of its kind to utilize bond-building technology and hydrating actives to instantly repair and condition hair for up to 12 washes.

Watch Jenny Strebe, Mustafa Avci and Iris Smith talk about why they love the new treatment in this video

How to Use the New b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioning Treatment

1. Pump 1 oz./30 ml (6 pumps) of b3 Demi Permanent Conditioner into a clean color bowl.
• For fine/short color treated hair, add 3.5 ml (1/8 oz.) b3 Brazilian Bond Builder
• For thick or extremely damaged hair, add 7 ml (1/4 oz.) b3 Brazilian Bond Builder
2. Mix thoroughly
3. Apply to damp, shampooed hair using medium sized sections
4. Process under heat for 15 to 20 minutes
5. Lightly rinse hair (Do not shampoo after rinsing)
6. Style as desired

“When I do my braids and start pancaking or stretching the braids out, sometimes if it’s on chemically textured hair it can cause a lot of friction, therefore causing a lot of frizz. Now, when pancaking you can really tell the cuticle is laid down but you can still get that stretchy full, luminous braid,” Jenny Strebe said.

“What I love about the product is that it has Amino Acids. It’s able to penetrate the cuticle to restore the hair. It’s a game changer,” Iris Smith said.

“In taking a picture of the finished look, sometimes you can see parts that are dried up. Now, Thank God we have this product,” Mustafa Avci said.