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Davines World Style Contest


The World Style Contest is a great occasion to express your creativity and show your talent as a protagonist at the worldwide hair tour!

Following the spectacular competition of 2016 in Los Angeles, Davines welcomes you to the 12th edition of the World Style Contest, the international competition that brings Davines clients together from all over the World, offering them the opportunity to express their creativity and talent through photography and stage performance.

The Brief

The World Style Contest invites Davines clients to present their vision of an inspirational, tasteful and fashion forward look suitable for their chosen model. Official contest rules and details can be found on the Davines website.  

Advice from Some Previous Winners

Anthony Polsinelli
Search deep inside yourself of what inspires you! Creativity is endless like the universe, ask to be inspired by an idea and the universe will give! Once an inspiration appears to you, do your research! Pinterest, fashion mags, movies, designers, architecture and nature gives us all ideas how to bring your inspiration to life.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Creating this inspiring look should be practiced continuously! Creating this look should come effortlessly. If the competitor becomes one of the top 10 finalists performing their look will happen with ease. Once it all comes together: hair, colour, makeup, fashion, etc continue to practice.

Christilene Bush
Your model choice (unique features and quality of hair) is the most important step toward your entry.
Find a fashion forward inspiration that is beautiful on the consumer’s eyes but bold enough to be taken notice of, a balance between avant-garde and salon friendly.

If you choose an abstract haircut go with subtle beautiful colour and visa versa.
Get a team together of professional makeup artist, photographer and fashion designer to help you to achieve the best total look possible.

James Abu-Ulba
The best thing I could ever do for a successful shoot is: Vision boards. The more in depth and focused your vision boards are; the more clarity you and your team will have in a successful collection. I break mine down to 1) theme 2) mood 3) make-up 4) styling 5) hair 6) photography & lighting. They help you to visualize what you want to achieve; it also helps your team have a very clear idea of your vision.

Another is: don’t be afraid to let your vision evolve. As you begin to think with a creative mind, you are inspired by other things. Let this creativity work for you and work from your heart.