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Aloxxi, Now Available at Salon Services


Clients know the color of their nails. They know the color on their lips. But, do they know the color you put on their hair? 9N? 6K? 8B? Where’s the attitude? Where’s the fashion? Where’s the FUN?

With over 100 colorful ways for salon customers to express themselves with hair color, Aloxxi transforms formulas into FUN, interactive salon experiences. Aloxxi is sure to be a hit for your salon clients—and it’s now available at Salon Services!

Company History

The concept of hair color personality hails from a professional beauty industry icon, OPI Founder George W. Schaeffer. Infusing 30 years of passion for color and quality professional products into Aloxxi, Schaeffer set out to both educate clients about the salon experience as well as highlight the role of the hairdresser as an artist and expert by creating an entirely new way to experience and care for color treated hair.

According to an article in Modern Salon, Schaeffer said that Aloxxi’s “unique approach to the hair color experience with our Color Personalities sets us apart. By showing clients the endless color options and demystifying the color process for the client, we are helping to strengthen the relationship. Today’s consumer is interested in facts. Telling the client what is being used on their hair is a critical component in building a strong relationship between colorist and client.” Read more of the interview here.

From original colors to professional products, practical education and real and relevant support to our community, Aloxxi is about cultivating a family and bringing fun, interactive ways to help salon professionals communicate with their clients and grow their businesses. Ultimately, Aloxxi is committed to the art of creating and maintaining beautifully colored hair with personality.

Aloxxi Products

All Aloxxi hair color, professional, care and styling products keep hair color looking healthy, vibrant and beautiful. Aloxxi products are free of parabens, sulfates, gluten and sodium chloride and are PETA Friendly and Kosher to ensure the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing standards.

Aloxxi products break boundaries with formulations from the most advanced technology available. They are high quality, professional only products that preserve hair color and the health and integrity of the hair. Their color features a botanical base that leaves hair healthy while delivering superior grey coverage and consistent, vibrant, long-lasting color. Their care products are free of sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride and feature a nutrient-rich blend of 10 premier antioxidants. All products are also PETA Friendly and Kosher to ensure the highest quality of hair color and care. Aloxxi strives to set new standards in hair color and care. We invite you to experience Aloxxi by shopping at Salon Services.