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Mannequin Viola

by Pivot Point

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  • SKU: 8883
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Head Size: Medium
Form: Solid
Hair Type: Chinese
Color Field: Dark
Hair Length: 14" - 6" prior to implantation
After the hair disinfection process, a reddish-brown, colored residue may drip from the wet hair. This residue can stain; shampoo hair prior to use.

When perming this hair, use an alkaline or acid perm on dark, non-lightened hair. Choose milder perms designed for color-treated hair on lighter hair colors.

Prevent color products from staining the PVC synthetic facemask by applying protective cream around the hairline and covering it with plastic wrap.

Prevent oxidative color or lightener from touching the synthetic PVC scalp. Chemicals can swell the PVC, causing the hair to loosen from the implantation holes and allowing the hair to fall out of the mannequin.

Avoid placing mannequin under a dryer with oxidative color or lightener.

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