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Everything you need to know about the hair world's newest cult: Curl Cult


Curl Cult is the newest addition to the Salon Services PRO family, and if you're interested in giving texture services, this may be the perfect fit for your salon. But, what exactly is a Curl Cult Service, and what does it look like? Let's look at some examples and go through Curl Cult's instructions on performing one of their services. 

With a massive resurgence of retro hairstyle and fashion, understanding how to perform a permanent texture service could bring huge value to your salon and clients!

What is a Curl Cult service, and what does it look like?

A Curl Cult service is a texture service that can last 2 - 6 months, depending on how:
  • frequently the hair is washed
  • fast the hair grows
  • length of the hair
  • how resistant your hair is
Before and After

Curl Cult is CLEAN
Feel safe using Curl Cult on your clients as they are:
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Sulfate Surfactant Free
  • Paraben Free
  • 17 Gallons less water per service than a traditional perm
  • Woman-owned!

Curl Cult Certification:

You learned how to perm in beauty school and passed your state board test, so why do you need to be certified to use our product? Because the Curl Cult® service is unlike any other texture service, you've used before! They've turned traditional perm techniques on their head and want to set you up with all the knowledge and tools to be successful in creating new permanent textures for your clients.

Why can't I purchase product before I get certified?
Certification is required to be completed prior to purchasing your back bar product to make sure you know how to use it safely and properly on your clients. 

How long does certification take? 
You can be fully certified and ready to use the Curl Cult® permanent styling system in less that 60 minutes!

What's involved in certification? 
You can get certified in a few different ways because learning is not a one size fits all process!
Curl Cult offers:
  • Online certification in our Pro Portal so you can do it on your own time
  • A once-a-week live Zoom course for those who enjoy the interaction with the instructor and to be able to ask questions on the spot.
  • In-salon live certification for salons by request (scheduled through your distribution representative)
In each case, you'll have a 45-minute presentation walking you through the following:
  • Science Behind Curl Cult® - how Curl Cult permanent styling system works to create new texture in the hair and how it is different from other texture services you've seen before
  • Product Breakdown - we take you through each product and where it fits in our system
  • Application Instructions - A detailed breakdown of every step in the process
  • The Cali Set - a demo of our signature set so you can get rolling right away!
Once you've completed the presentation, you will take a quiz (which you can take as many times as you need to pass), and you've passed you are officially certified! It's REALLY that easy!

Click here to book a certification!

Application Process:

1. Prepare
Wash hair 1 - 3 times with PREPARE Clarifying Shampoo until hair feels squeaky clean.

2. Roll (or go off the rod)
Wrap cleansed hair on desired rods, perming tool, or into an off-the-rod set style such as a brad or twist knot.

Pro Tip: When rolling on bendy rods, make sure you begin at one end and roll up the rod and back; this will ensure even saturation when applying product in the next step. 

3. Liberate Bonds
Pour LIBERATE Step One Permanent Styling Lotion into an applicator bottle (see amount chart below) and apply to hair. Make sure the hair is fully saturated. If after 10 minutes, the hair looks or feels dry, re-saturate.

Pro Tip: Bring your bottle of LIBERATE to your station for quick access to more if needed.

4. Process Step One
Process for 10 minutes and perform an elasticity test (see step 5). For virgin AND coarse or medium textures, cap with Jumbo Thermocap and heat right away. See Curl Cult processing guidelines for more detailed processing information.

5. Test It Out
Perform an elasticity test by:
  • Unrolling a rod
  • Separating 1-3 stands of hair
  • Hold tightly between your thumb and forefinger in each hand
  • Gently pull
When processing is complete, the hair will bounce like a rubber band to approximately twice its length. It should take minimal effort to make it bounce & stretch. If you have to put a lot of effort into making it bounce, it is not ready yet. If you do not feel the proper amount of stretch, reroll the hair onto the rod and process for another 10 minutes, continue testing every 10 minutes until you feel the proper bounce in the hair.

Pro Tip: Pick a different section to test every time, as some areas are more resistant than others.

6. Regenerate Bonds
Once the hair has passed the elasticity test, pour REGENERATE Step Two Neutralizing Treatment into an applicator bottle. Use 1.5 - 2 times as much neutralizer as you did perm lotion. 

Make sure hair is set exactly how you want it and apply to hair to lock it into its new shape. Make sure the hair is fully saturated, and all rods/hairs get neutralized.

Process neutralizer for at least 10 minutes for finer or more compromised textures and up to 20 minutes for very resistant hair. For most hair types and textures, 15 minutes will be best to lock in the new texture.

7. Remove Rods.
After neutralizer processing time is up, remove rods, perm tools, or undo the off-the-rod set.

8. Rinse
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until you feel the product is all out of the hair. It will have the same squeaky-clean feeling as when you clarified. DO NOT SHAMPOO.

9. Condition
Condition hair with REVIVE Hydration Conditioner. Run through the hair and rinse.

10. Style
While hair is very wet, almost dripping, apply MAGIC SPELL Conditioning Leave-In. Detangle with a wide tooth comb. Then scrunch 1 - 2 pumps of ENHANCE Moisturizing Curl Cream into hair. Repeat if more product is needed.

Take a flour sack or microfiber towel and squeeze the water out of the hair. Either air dry or gently diffuse.

Pro Tip: Use Climazone or ring dryer to mimic an air dryer for beautiful day-of results.

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