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Skin Authority's New Natural Skin Perfector Should be in Everyone's Routine


Skin Authority is back at it, again, bringing us all some of the most nourishing and beautifying innovations in the industry. Their wildly popular and successful SkinSuit line has a new addition in the form of your new favorite natural tint foundation, corrective moisturizer, and environmental protector, all in one stunning product.

I'm just going to say it; you need to add this to your daily routine. And here's why. 

What is the Natural Tint Skin Perfector?
Estheticians love knowing what's inside the products they use on their clients (as they should!) as talking points and to make informed purchases for their business. So why should you add the Natural Tint Skin Perfector to your professional and personal arsenal?

The Natural Tint Skin Perfector is a natural tint foundation, corrective moisturizer, and daily environmental protection all in one. With universal tint color coverage that immediately corrects and evens skin tone for a beautiful, hydrated, dewy finish, it also contains their trademark Mineral Active Protection (which we will get into down below) to protect against environmental damage and digital aging (yep, who knew phones were affecting our skin, every time we turn them on!)

Plus, their Enviro-D has a quick shot of topical Vitamin D3 to build skin immunity and cosmetic enhancement. Your client's skin will improve in firmness and texture.

Mineral Active Protection
If you are new to the SkinSuit fam, you may not know exactly what the big deal is about the line. Well, there is one patented feature that makes a world of difference: Mineral Active Protection. 

Products using Mineral Action Protection incorporate their patented coated mineral actives to reduce the signs of environmental damage and digital aging while promoting overall healthy skin with advanced antioxidants and nourishing hydration. your client's skin will visibly appear more youthful, brighter, and healthier.

These days, it seems like everything damages our skin, especially the technology that surrounds us like digital screens, wireless tech, infrared, etc... Not only does Mineral Active Protection protect your skin outdoors from sunlight (UVA/UVB SPF 50), pollution and heat, but also from indoor exposure.

And unlike most chemically-based sunscreens, this protection is reef-safe! Woohoo!

How does it work, though?
Here's some facts on how the Natural Skin Perfector works for your skin:
  • Products with Mineral Active Protection create a sheer, protective fluid, which blocks and quenches free radicals before they can damage your skin.
  • The mineral actives boost the stability and efficacy of topical vitamins and antioxidants from ALL your skincare products up to 200%. (Yes, this includes retinol, vitamin C, and vitamin E).
  • SkinSuit Natural Skin Perfector enhances the performance of sunscreen actives up to 5x to protect against up to 98% of all environmental aging aggressors.
And Here's the Cherry on Top...
SkinSuit Natural Skin Perfector is inclusive for all skin tones!

The deeper you skin tone, the more you may know that good mineral sunscreens are rare, especially ones that won't leave a white-cast residue. And even if it's labeled "tinted", that doesn't necessarily mean it's tinted perfectly for every one of your clients.

That's where the Natural Skin Perfector sets itself apart. Skin Authority's patented coating allows for the product to dry invisibly and to absorb into the skin for all-day protection.

As Skin Authority themselves puts it, "Natural Tint Skin Perfector is universal, ungendered" 

If you are already a user of SkinSuit Face and Lip, Natural Tint Skin Perfector is the ideal complement. Each of the SkinSuit products have their own benefits that can and should be mixed and matched to perfect protection.

If you are new to SkinSuit, this is your sign to get some of this for you spa's arsenal (or even your own arsenal). It's amazing for all skin types, goals, and tones. So, it's perfect for you!

By: Brayton Walls
Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist

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