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Babe Hair Extensions

100% Human Hair

is being used by salons and stylists all over the world for its ability to maintain a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone. Equally important to stylists is the attachment method. No heat, glue, or chemicals means no mess or damage to the client's hair.

Education Program

Education Program

In addition to the high quality, all-natural human hair extensions, Babe Hair has also developed a state-of-the-art education program. We believe that when you combine Babe's high quality hair extensions with the proper training and knowledge, huge success awaits. These in-depth courses cover topics such as marketing, pricing, client consultations, coloring and cutting, as well as hair care techniques.

Created For Professionals

Created for Professionals

100% Human Remy Hair
Our hair moves and feels just like your own. Blow dry it, curl it, iron it.

Everyday Low Pricing Strategy
You only buy what you need and still get great pricing.

Sold exclusively through family-owned distributors
Offering local service and education.

Seven Pillars to Success

Seven Pillars to Success

We’ll teach you the 7 pillars to successfully leverage professional hair extensions to grow your business!

  • Module 1: Mindset

  • Module 2: Money

  • Module 3: Models

  • Module 4: Marketing

  • Module 5: Media

  • Module 6: Maintenance

  • Module 7: Mastery

Education Program
Created For Professionals
Seven Pillars to Success

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