Sept Trending Guide



  • Comfort Zone - Skin Regimen Massage

    URBAN LONGEVITY FACIAL™ DETOX : The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle, this facial is ideal for a time-pressed, unisex clientele with stressed, dull and aging skin…Time-pressed guest concerned with or experiencing lifestyle aging due to fast-paced, frenetic, stressful daily rhythms, as well as those curious to try something new and dynamic, restoring vital energy. Includes complete brand overview and product customization for home care ritual and professional treatment offerings.

    This class is for existing SKIN REGIMEN and COMFORT ZONE ACCOUNTS… This Massage is a specialized lifting and “Qi Gong” Rolling Ruolage Massage technique (Not for sensitive or delicate skin). This is a Comfort Zone certification class and each student shall receive and preform the massage technique to his or her own comfort level.

  • Dermalogica - Pro Bright

    Whether your client has dull, lackluster or is struggling with hyperpigmentation then this is the workshop for you. Not only will we explore and learn the incredible PRO Bright treatment, but you’ll also learn why these skin concerns appear in the first place! That’s why PRO Bright is a comprehensive personalized treatment that works to brighten lackluster skin.

    In this course you’ll learn:
    The primary causes and types of dark spots
    Key products and treatment considerations
    The Pro Bright service
    How to promote and achieve success with PRO Bright

    Get hands on during this session featuring 30 min Pro Bright skin treatment.

  • Dermalogica - Pro Clear

    PRO Clear is our targeted treatment for acne and breakout prone skins. Individuals can often associate acne with oily skin or simply clogged pores, but any skin type can experience a breakout. Yet, beyond the bump that’s felt erupting under the skin surface few people grasp what is truly happening at the microscopic level of a breakout. Acne can range from small patches of red skin with tiny bumps to large, painful, pustule and scarring cysts. Acne isn’t one size fits all and neither are the treatments That’s why NEW PRO Clear is comprehensive, personalized treatment that works to help clear breakouts.

    In this course you will learn:
    The skin science of breakouts
    The PRO Clear service
    How to achieve success with PRO Clear programs

    Get hands on during our practical session featuring 30 min Pro Clear Skin treatment.

  • Dermalogica - Pro Nanoneedling Demo Hands-On

    Advanced Workshops – Join us for a 3-hour workshop designed to showcase the science behind the advanced services of Nanoneedling and how it can be incorporated in Dermalogica’s ProSkin treatments. A must take workshop for all Professional Skin Therapists who can practice this in their treatment space!

    Understand how Nanoneedling works:
    Comparisons to consider
    Dermalogica’s Pro Nanoneedling protocol and Technique
    Dermalogica Professional products for optimal results
    Give and receive Dermalogica Pro Nanoneedling treatment