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Salon Spotlight: Salon Ottalaus


What is Ottalaus Salon’s unique point of difference?
We are involved in the community, giving back to those who have had hard life experiences. We partner with the BBJ Foundation to help women in abusive relationships or had hard struggles. We also are the official Miss Utah salon sponsor.

What could other salons learn from Ottalaus or take away from this to do in their own business?
We are passionate about customer service and the experience that each person enjoys in our salon. Every client can expect to receive the same level of service regardless of the service they purchase or how often they come in. This helps them to enjoy the experience even more when they know what to expect and that it doesn’t change.

What is Ottalaus doing well, uniquely, or that is inspiring?
We have created a high end experience for our clientele from the moment they first contact us, to long after they have left the salon. In addition, the salon is always clean and has a fresh open feel to welcome our guests.

What is your favorite product?
We love KEVIN.MURPHY's BEDROOM.HAIR! This product can be used on a wide range of hair types and styles.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your salon?
The culture we have created in the salon is by far what I’m most proud of. The employee’s that work at Ottalaus are team players and everyone works hard to see each other succeed. Our employee turnover is very low compared to the industry average.

Where do you see you salon in the next 5 years?
I see Ottalaus as one of the top Utah salon’s and with multiple locations.

What advice would you give to a stylist who is wanting to open up their own salon?
The best advice I can give is that you really know your vision and create a game plan to execute it. Make sure that every decision you make stays in line with your vision. Being prepared helps to avoid making reactive decisions, versus well thought out and planned decisions for hard situations.

Do you have a salon mission? If so, what is it and what keeps you motivated to carry out that mission?
We do not have an official mission statement but my goals are to create a luxurious and relaxing experience for each client. We strive to provide up to date education for all of our stylists. We plan to surpass the expectation of every client that walks in the door.

What does Ottalaus mean? And what does it mean to you?
Ottalaus is an Icelandic word meaning FEARLESS. This is my heritage and when I was preparing to open the salon I was in a challenging life situation and felt I needed to be fearless to move forward with the opening of my salon. We first started with 6 part time stylist. Today we are fully staffed with three receptionists and twenty-eight stylist who offer hair, nails, lashes, makeup, waxing and permanent cosmetics.

Salon Ottalaus
3300 N. Running Creek Way Suite A2
Lehi, Utah 84043
(801) 901-6045
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