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Salon Spotlight: Red Strand Salon


I’m Erika, and I am the owner and hairstylist of Red Strand Salon in Snohomish Washington. I have been a hairstylist for over 30 years and owned my salon for the last seven years, and through my years as a hairstylist, I have seen many trends in the hair industry. I have experienced the many business functions of a stylist as I have worked in a corporate salon, leased a chair, worked as a commission stylist and now as a small business owner. My salon functions on a level system, allowing a new hairstylist to start with an apprenticeship and then have the opportunity to grow through the years. I love my salon and have a real passion for the industry and supporting stylists as they grow.

Recently I’ve stepped out in faith and made a dream of mine a reality – to provide childcare for my clients and employees. This idea was formed through my experience of watching parents and being a single parent myself, understanding their struggles as they try to coordinate childcare to do something as simple but essential as having their hair done. I’ve also seen my stylists worry about finding childcare for their kids and juggling a work schedule that would work for their family. With both of these observations in mind, it made sense to me that I could really support everyone by providing a childcare service at the salon. I have to admit I haven’t really had a grand business plan, and it’s not necessarily something I can prove profitable on paper as it’s a brand new journey never done before. My passion for this is not driven by a profit-driven business model, but as an act of service to my fellow moms struggling to have balance.

So at the beginning of this year, I remodeled my entire salon to build out this new childcare play area and additionally make some upgrades to the salon. The process of the remodel has taken several months and has had many moments of struggle and making adjustments, but I am so blessed and happy with how everything has turned out. The look of the salon is amazing and beautiful, the excitement for the new childcare is heartwarming, and I am so proud of my team in how they have worked through the process of this remodel and supporting my vision to live out this dream!

With the remodel now complete and the childcare playroom open and staffed with child supervisors we are currently booking for this service. When a parent is wanting to bring their child, under the age of 10, they will book the childcare as an add-on service to their appointment. It can either be booked on an hourly basis or at a rate for a specific service. Both of these options are available on our online booking system or by calling the salon. We also have a complimentary seating area for older children to hang out and watch a show or be on their device. Additionally, if a family with multiple children are coming to receive haircuts, while they are waiting for their appointment time they are free to use the childcare play area on a complimentary basis while they wait for their appointment time.

As we are a family salon and welcome children, I have high hopes for this to be a blessing for everyone visiting the salon. How awesome it will be to include children here in such a safe and functional way, making it comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Erika Schultz, Owner, Red Strand Salon
275 Cypress Ave
Snohomish, Washington
IG: @redstrandsalon
FB: @redstrandsalon

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