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Salon Spotlight: Image Studios 360 Holladay


What drew you to the beauty industry?

I always felt at some point I'd have to get a "real" job. So, although I've never not done hair, I took on other jobs as well like doing real estate, insurance, CNA work, retail, desk jobs, as well as some college classes. Sometimes to know what you want to do you have to learn what you do not want to do, and that was always the case when I tried other things. Everything I did always brought me back to how much I love the beauty industry, other stylists, the environment and my clients. I've been in all types of salons over the years: commission, booth rent, hourly, everyday to very high end. After working in a few salons for experience, I went back to beauty school as an instructor. I’ve had to start my clientele over from nothing more times than I can count. These experiences were invaluable and taught me so much about this industry. After working in a commission salon for 8 years, I was finally brave enough to take the plunge and work for myself, and I have never looked back.

What makes your Spa and Salon different?

The reason I decided to join Image Studios 360 is that as a stylist, I believe in their concept 100%. I've experienced the downfalls in commission and booth rent salons. I believe in giving the artist complete control over their career. They get to have all the perks of opening their own business without the headache, cost and risk of an expensive buildout, huge business loan and long lease term. Plus, they get to be in a supportive environment with other business owners in the beauty industry. They can sell their own retail, play their own music, decorate their space, control the environment, use whatever color line and backbar they like best, work when they want and vacation when they want. Whether you want to have an apprentice, hire an assistant, have employees, lease on your own or lease with others it's entirely up to them. We provide education, business classes, events, social media support, a web page, wi-fi, utilities, laundry and even an interior designer to help plan and maximize your space. We believe in creativity, freedom and success. You bring your passion, talent and clientsーwe take care of the rest.

What keeps you motivated to carry out this mission?

What motivates me is helping others create the life they want. I love that I can provide an opportunity for others to own their own business. I truly care for other professionals. Business is not separate from life. All business is the act of giving or doing something for others. It's an exchange of energy. I believe that if each of us flourish, by default, our friends and family benefit and collectively, we all flourish.

My best advice is to take a chance on you! You are the creator of your life! I believe there is no wrong way to live as long as it’s true to you. Be brave, be bold and live your truth! Use your creativity, live your freedom and be your own success! Hairstylists are seriously some of the coolest most down-to-earth people ever. The beauty industry is booming right now. I just want everyone to live into their potential and believe in themselves. We give so much to our clients. There's some rad products out there and a ton of resources online and through our supply stores. There are no excuses to not go for it!

Watch for Salon Services education hosted at Jodie’s salon.

Jodie Jorgensen
Image Studios 360
2233 E. Murray Holladay Rd.
Holladay, UT 84117
(801) 896-7127

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