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Introducing Aqua Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions!


Get ready to grow your salon clientele and wow your existing clients with Aqua Hand Tied Weft Extensions: a natural-feeling and natural-looking hair extension!

Hand tied weft services have become popular for a variety of reasons, but they’re not yet widely available, so there’s a great opportunity to grow your business providing them behind the chair. Let’s talk about why these are quickly becoming the hottest extensions in the market.

What are Hand Tied Weft Extensions and how are they different from other extensions?
Hand Tied Wefts are created by sewing the thread strand by strand, so each weft is thinner, more flexible and seamless when applied to the head; that’s what makes them so comfortable. The only other extensions comparable to Aqua Hand Tied Wefts are machine wefts, which need to be passed through a triple-head sewing machine to create a secure stitch to seal the hair in place.

Why should I start offering Hand Tied Weft Extension Services?
Not only will you grow your menu of services, but Aqua Hand Tied Wefts are the perfect option for clients who are not the best candidates for other extension systems. Hand Tied Wefts are a great way to give extensions a try - everyone can use them!

Here are some examples of how you can easily use Hand Tied Wefts on different clients:

  • Fine hair: Hand tied wefts are a great way to add length and volume without compromising the integrity of the clients’ hair. They’re thin and nearly invisible in the hair with fewer bonding points so they’ll never show through the client’s thin hair.
  • Active lifestyle: Hand tied wefts are also durable and stay in place when applied correctly. Swimmers, runners and gym-goers won’t worry about sweat slippage or discomfort! 
  • Wants to try extensions, but isn’t ready to commit: When a client is interested in extensions but not ready for the commitment, Hand Tied Wefts are the way to go. They’re an easy way to try extensions out to see if you like them.
  • Bored with their hair: Whether they want to add a pop or color or change up their hairstyle, hand tied wefts are a beautiful and easy way to add color, dimension and correct a haircut. 

Get Certified in Hand Tied Extension Services
We offer education in a variety of locations so you can easily become certified in providing Aqua Hand Tied Weft Extension services in your salon. Visit the Aqua Extensions Education page to find an extensions certification class near you.

Start growing your business behind the chair by offering one of the most demanding extension services in the industry now!

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