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Evolving Your Salon Business from Service to Experience


Jason’s message was clear in how our industry is transforming into giving experiences that are unique to the salon. How a stylist/salon creates the details to engage the client with education through consultation to the unique aspects of the flow the client through the salon create this level of engagement that clients are searching for. Proof that the Experience Economy is the next evolutionary stage since the service economy where status was what you purchased. The experience economy delights you by celebrating what you do versus what you buy. This new element provides our unique beauty services to be the personal connection that our consumer values. With this opportunity, we all need to be cognizant of the needs of our client to personalize/customize the service experience for our guest.

Over the past weekend, we participated in the Heart of KEVIN.MURPHY Sales Conference where the renowned Broadway performer, Stephen Reed, connected salon clients as guests in our show and we are actors in a play. He recognized the most important stages of organizing for a show as Preparation and Practice. Performance being essential but knowing that a good performance is only the result of exceptional Preparation and Practice. Performance is the outcome of our level of commitment to the first two steps in organizing the experience for our clients. This is what the experience in a salon should be. A destination for an experience where your client is engaged, excited, and brought into your world for seemingly the best performance they have ever experienced.

To showcase the importance of preparation and practice, Stephen led us through learning 15 dance steps that you will find in every throughout musical number. It was fascinating to see how mastering a Broadway choreography was so aligned with what it is that we do at Salon Services and what stylists do in salons. It truly connected our Sales Consultants to the idea of needing to solidify their foundation of knowledge for their customers just as salons need to solidify their skills and experience for their customers.

“One person may have more flare, and another may be more reserved, but when we truly learn the foundation, that is when we can shine. We have to know the footwork to be able to put our own "flare" to it and if we don't have that foundation, we are just tripping over our feet.”
- Lisa Watkins, Sales Consultant in Medford, Oregon

This is our opportunity to leverage and transform our career in beauty by our conscious level as a service provider. Transitioning your services into experiences require learning new avenues of strengthening our skills with education. This requires our energy and intention. We have so many options in how to learn at this moment, via social media, YouTube, webinars and onsite education. Developing our scenario for success with our goal established with what we wish to attain, financially, in service with our clients and our career path within our beautiful beauty industry.

So many options within our career as a stylist, manager/coach, owner, platform artist, educator for vendor or in a school all require learning and focus. Setting your focus with goals of developing your maximum potential each year requires your visualization of what you wish to achieve. Building your reputation in service expertise and personal development with your interactions with the clients takes intention.

Salon Services has been dedicated to creating opportunities of intention with excellence in education and protecting the beauty industry professional for 38 years via Encouraging Personal Mastery. How we illustrate and demonstrate this is with our team of Consultants, Educators, Brand Specialists, Regional Managers, our Corporate Trainer, plus our VP of Sales, Tiffiny Harwell, and George Learned, CEO and Co-Owner and myself, in always learning and sharing best practices.

Our Sales Consultants, Brand Specialists, Regional Managers, and Corporate Trainer have a menu of education to support beyond the technical aspects which is ongoingly available to support your focused endeavors and create the evolution in your salon.

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