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"You Matter" - Trite or Truth in the New Business of Beauty Industry? by Sydney Berry


In reading an article about Gloria Steinem’s memoir, I was struck by her title, “America, As If Everyone Mattered”. With the chaos that exists within the world today and within the beauty industry specifically, I believe we forget that we each do matter, our contribution is important. What if you lived every day as if everything you did mattered – because it does, your contribution is as unique as your fingerprint. Every interaction, it is your choice how you respond; every action you take is a reflection of your intentions – and you uniquely matter. Your choices matter to you and create the life you live. Your choices matter at work, too. You choose the path of productivity and participation or, you choose another path of living a marginal life in the shadows diminishing what you are capable of creating. Every action or reaction you take affects organizational progress in one way or in another. You always make a difference. Let that difference move the world forward. You matter!

Synonyms used to demonstrate “you matter”! To be relevant, to be significant, to be of importance, to make a difference in the lives of others! Webster dictionary definition appears to be the definition of the service level of someone who cares, who is passionate, knowledgeable, and purposeful in all actions as it relates to others.

You became involved with this industry due to your career path as a hair designer, skin care therapist, or an owner in this industry. You wish to share your enthusiasm about the products and education to Encourage Personal Mastery as only Salon Services can extend. Or, maybe, you are an individual who has found a home within our industry and enjoy the impact you can create. Anyway you entered into the business, you are an expression or illustration of what you wish to contribute to the world – your strength of artistic expression, your vision of how to demonstrate your gift of making a positive difference, and you entered into this industry because you loved it! This is why you matter to us!

At Salon Services, we strive continuously to support your passion and purpose by offering a selection of education, products and people to assist you in your life as a member of our tribe. With the heightened level of merger/acquisition in the industry, it begs the question, “How do you matter?” Every one of the staff makes an impact that is felt by another; it is the energy of life to have cause and effect with one another. So, your actions count, your contribution important and necessary, your positive attitude a source of renewal, and your talent is treasured. We are grateful for what you bring to this organization and to one another, because you matter!

We want you to know how to extend the level of service and education that will help you to manifest your vision of success and to support your purpose of being a “daymaker” in the lives of your clients. We utilize our commitment statement, “Encouraging Personal Mastery” as a litmus test to everything we do in our business. We believe that what we bring to the northwest market – matters! We also believe that you do too!

  1. YOU Matter | You are the only person who can be YOU
    Everyone has a different life journey and a different story to tell. We all face different challenges. We all gain different experiences. There are billions of people on this planet, and yet YOU are the only person who is Exactly like You. Believe it or not, this simple fact is incredibly important. Don’t even for a second allow yourself to think anything different.
  2. You Are Valuable | You Have Purpose, You are Important
    No matter who you are, you can provide value. We each have an individual purpose that cannot be compared to everyone else. You have a different perspective to share. You can shed light on a situation that maybe no one else can possibly provide. You can utilize your unique experiences to help and positively influence others. At the end of the day, always remember that You Are Important. STOP comparing yourself to everyone else. Value, appreciate and learn from others, but don’t cut yourself short. We have all unique abilities and talents. Always remain Humble and Kind but believe in yourself and appreciate Your Own Value.
  3. Love Others | You are Capable of Loving and Being Loved
    Loving and receiving love is one of the most incredible human abilities. Providing joy and happiness to others is what gives meaning to life. Love and care is what provides value to our lives, it provides depth and reason. It provides hope, wonder and excitement. Love for our friends, family and partners, is what makes each day worth every challenge and every experience.
  4. Provide Happiness | You can Provide Happiness and Joy
    You can Provide Happiness. You can Provide Joy into the lives of others. Make sure to tell those around you whom you love and care for, how much You Do Care. Give them a hug and a smile. Not only tell them but SHOW THEM each day. Love and care provide continuous fulfillment in your life and the lives of others, keep spreading your kindness and love. You never know whose day you may brighten. Your Love, Care and Kindness Makes a Difference.
  5. Be An Inspiration | You Can Help and Inspire Others
    One of the greatest joys in life is helping and inspiring others along the way. We all need support from others. It’s human nature. We all need to be inspired and sometimes inspiration can be received from others. Sometimes, all we need is for someone to Believe in Us, someone to tell us how much they value and support us. You can be the one to support others. You can be the one to give someone a positive light and a helping hand. Helping others not only provides inspiration, but it will also ignite a spark within you. You feel valued from helping others as well. It’s like a continuous circle; when you inspire, you also Feel Inspired.
  6. Create Life Lessons | You Can Turn Your Challenges into Life Lessons
    Life is not meant to be easy. It is a challenge and some days are tougher than others. With every challenge, we gain the opportunity to Grow Stronger. We can continuously improve who we are and what we are capable of achieving. Instead of allowing a challenge to bring you down, Keep Pushing forward. Turn each challenge into a lesson that you can also share with others.
  7. Teach Your Passion | Teach Others Your Skill Set
    Being passionate for your goals is one of the most important elements of success and personal fulfillment. When you love and enjoy what you’re doing, goal setting becomes fun and motivating. Not only this, but those that are truly passionate for their goals and skill set, can teach others as well. Teaching others provides fulfillment. It allows you to pass on your knowledge and expertise to someone else. Being a mentor to others also helps you explore/improve your skill set in a different light. No matter how skilled you are, there is always something new to learn. Always remember that helping others is a wonderful part of life. Teaching and inspiring others provides meaning and depth to our lives. You can pass on your knowledge and skill set to future generations. No matter how large or small your contribution is, Your Contribution Matters.
  8. Set an Example | You Can set a Good and Positive Example
    Not everyone is going to be Kind, but YOU can be the one to set the good example, you can be the one to lead the way. Life is tough. Some people can be cruel, rude and mean. But Do Not allow that to affect you and your mindset. Do not allow negativity to impact your outlook on life. Instead, teach positivity. Associate closely with those who do Value Positivity, those who are kind and caring. Always remember to be Kind to all and set that good example. But there is no need to associate closely with those who intentionally bring others down. The key here to remember is that those who are negative, are struggling themselves. They are fighting insecurity, jealousy and unhappiness. This is why being Kind to those who are unkind, is very important. But there is a difference between being kind and being “friends” with those who are ill-intentioned. Try to influence those who are negative and Be Kind to All; but choose to surround yourself with Kind, Caring, Supportive People.
  9. Be Passionate and Determined | YOU Can Show Others that Anything is Possible
    Passion and Determination will take you farther than you can imagine. Those who just settle or are afraid to take chances, will not reach that true-life fulfillment. Let go of fear. Take Chances. Do Your Best. SET GOALS. Take each day step-by-step, but also write down your long-term goals and growth. Track your growth and progress. Be Kind to Yourself and Keep Growing YOU. Determination, Passion and the willingness to keep moving forward, is the true key for long-term success.
  10. YOU can be a Leader | Influence others to achieve their own Greatness
    Be a LEADER. Leadership is about inspiring and influencing others. Leadership is about influencing others to achieve their own Greatness. YOU can be a Leader. No matter who you are, YOU can positively influence and lead others. You can lend a helping hand. You can provide encouragement. YOU can make a difference in the lives of others. Never underestimate yourself and your capabilities.

Let me know what you need to continue to build your portfolio of success, because to Salon Services “You Do Matter”.  My email address is [email protected]; your thoughts are welcome.

Sydney Berry
CEO Co-Owner, Salon Services

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