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I am on the Hairtostay Advisory Council! WHY I AM, is due to my personal experience of hair loss due to chemotherapy. Statistically, 8-12% (probably more) cancer patients forego chemo due to hair loss. Unbelievable as it seems to make that choice, your life or your hair, occurs.

When I lost my hair in 1990, it was an insult to injury. It broadcasts you are ill at a time when you want to do everything you can to be healthy so you can JUST BE! My oncologist, just last December, had information about Hairtostay options. I didn’t know there were options until I met HairtoStay founders, Bethany and Noah. My friend, Debra Neill of Neill Corp, used a dry ice cap concoction, which was tricky in relationship to cooling caps that are now being introduced.

I realize that we are all bombarded with requests for charitable contributions. However, I would like you to consider HairtoStay, from a philosophical vantage point, as we are in the HAIR industry. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were the resource to sustain it, during a medically induced stressful time?

One salon in San Fran donates a portion of their retail sales every year, as it is so sad for him to witness his client’s distress. Salons want to do events to support this cause, and Hairtostay can give you the ability to direct your enthusiasm. As you will see, funding generated will help those who don’t have the funds, as insurance doesn’t cover scalp cooling.

I am requesting that you consider promoting this resource through a variety of avenues in the salon. Sponsoring Hairtostay with an event or adding this resource to your website for the stylist to direct their clients to Hairtostay can be valuable when they are looking for support. During October Breast Cancer Awareness month, consider facilitating a day with all of your stylists as a fundraiser and sponsor a 1% donation from product sales and services.

We need visibility of this resource. You are the first place cancer patients turn to have their hair shorn off as it falls out 21 days after the first treatment. It is a devastating reminder of your spinning lack of control as you are ill and weakened by treatment. Hairstostay can help allow more patients to retain their hair during chemo. Losing one’s hair is traumatic. Keeping it means retaining control, privacy, identity, and even well-being. Nobody understands this better than haircare professionals.

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