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Transition of Ownership: Continuing the Legacy


We would like to take the opportunity to inform you of a transition in ownership taking effect as of May 31st, 2021.

George Learned, Co-CEO and Co-Owner will take over full ownership duties of Salon Services. After 25 years of partnership and shared responsibility, Sydney Berry will be exiting as owner, however continue to be a friend and resource to Salon Services through her position on Salon Services Advisory Board

"I could not have asked for a better coach, mentor, friend and business partner," says Learned, "We will continue our journey in new and exciting ways, as Sydney's 50 years of vast industry experience will always be an invaluable gift. With every decision I make going forward I will always ask myself 'What would Sydney do and say in this situation?'" 

In addition to serving on the inaugural Salon Services Board, Berry will continue to serve in her position as chair of The Professional Beauty Association, along with other industry-first initiatives. 

"This industry has been my purpose and passion for 50 years," says Berry. "Initially, I started as a hairstylist and salon owner. Then, 40-plus years ago, I was hired as a sales consultant with the new distributor, Sebastian of Seattle. Salon Services has grown significantly over the years. It is and will continue to be, my purpose and passion within other avenues of the industry. My departure and sale as owner of Salon Services is bittersweet. George Learned, my business partner of 25 years, will continue the mission of service and commitment to the industry, as he has done for the past three decades. He has been an incredible partner with his same purposeful focus to generate success for this industry. My heart and soul is so very grateful for the opportunity to serve this industry, and I will continue in other realms, as it is my life's love story!"

Every member of the Salon Services Team has been inspired by Sydney's journey, passion and contributions to our organization and the Beauty Industry. As well as her ongoing commitment to support social & environmental causes. While we miss having regular interactions with her - we are very excited to see the next stage of her personal & professional evolution. We know there are many of you that feel the same way. Please do not hesitate to send her a message at [email protected].

Best Regards,
Salon Services

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